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Father Morris Elliot

Father Elliot is an important character mentioned in Shadow Hearts. He is Alice Elliot‘s father, and a friend of James O’Flaherty. Father Elliot was murdered in Rouen in 1913 by Albert Simon.

Father Elliot Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Father Elliot 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Father Elliot Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Father Elliot Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

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Father Elliot is a middle-aged man in smart religious clothing including a crucifix pendant. He appears as over-weight and balding, with white facial hair.

In Shadow Hearts

Father Morris Elliot is a Priest and an exoricst who did undercover work for the Vatican alongside his friend and colleague Father James O’Flaherty. In 1890 the Vatican asked Father Elliot and Father O’Flaherty to find some Holy Books that had recently been stolen. They know that the books had been defiled by a man known as Roger Bacon who would be able to use them as a part of a dark ritual.

Father Elliot and Father O’Flaherty travel Europe together in search of these Holy Texts. However in 1893, Father Elliot’s daughter Alice was born, so the two exorcists decided to look for the texts separately. Father O’Flaherty travelled to Great Britain in search of a scholar who may have been sold one of the books, and Father Elliot did not hear from him after that.

Alice inherited her father’s skills at exorcism. When Alice is old enough, they travel Europe together, exorcising demons as well as looking for the Holy Texts. Father Elliot comes to realise that to obtain the texts they will need a Warlock who is as powerful as Roger Bacon. Father Elliot contacts his friend Father Doyle in Rouen.

Father Elliot is unaware that Father Doyle is in fact acquainted with the man calling himself Roger Bacon. Roger Bacon (really Albert Simon) uses this opportunity to tell Doyle to introduce him to Father Elliot as a warlock powerful enough to defeat Bacon. Father Doyle reluncantly tells Father Elliot of one Cardinal Simon who is powerful enough to defeat Roger Bacon and sets up a meeting between the two. Father Elliot and Alice travel to Rouen to meet Cardinal Simon. They wait for Cardinal Simon outside the back entrance of the church. They fall into Albert Simon’s trap, he appears and kills Father Elliot, and kidnaps Alice.

Library Description

A priest renowned for his exorcising skills. He died in an alley of Rouen. The heroine’s father, and a man who could have shed some light on the string of incidents.