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Father Hans Doyle

Father Hans Doyle is a minor character in Shadow Hearts. He was a friend of Father Elliot who was in Rouen the night that Father Elliot was killed.

Father Doyle Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Father Doyle 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Father Doyle Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Father Doyle Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Affinity Wind

In Shadow Hearts

Father Doyle is a priest who lives in Rouen. He was a friend to Father Elliot and knew of Elliot’s mission to retrieve 3 Holy Texts that were stolen from the Vatican. Father Elliot came to Father Doyle for help – Elliot needed to find a warlock as powerful as the warlock who had defiled the holy texts.

In 1888 (25 years before the events of Shadow Hearts) Father Doyle became acquainted with Cardinal Albert Simon. Over time, Simon used Doyle as a puppet and was able to manipulate him as needed. Father Doyle knew that Albert Simon was posing as Roger Bacon and had stolen the Holy Texts from the Vatican. When Father Elliot approached him to find a way to defeat Bacon, Simon approached Doyle and forced him to set up a meeting between the two.

Father Doyle awaited the arrival of Father Elliot and his daughter Alice to introduce them to Cardinal Simon. Father Doyle at this point retreated to the confessional where he wrote a confession of the true circumstance. While Elliot and his daughter were waiting, they were attacked by the man calling himself Roger Bacon. Father Elliot was killed and Alice was kidnapped.

Since then, Father Doyle has locked himself inside the church – terrified that the man may come back and kill him. Over half a year later, Alice returns to Rouen to ask Father Doyle who the man they were due to meet that night was. Father Doyle explains that it was Cardinal Albert Simon – just when he is about to get her more information, Arcane Olga appears and strikes him with lightning, severely injuring Father Doyle. Alice and her party are able to fight Olga off but it is too late – Father Doyle is dying. In his dying breath he is able to direct the party towards London, where they may find Cardinal Albert Simon.

Library Description

A priest in Rouen who knows the truth behind Father Elliot’s murder.