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Dehuai is the primary villain for the first half of Shadow Hearts. He trained as an adept but now uses his powers for black magic. His goal is to bring about the Demon’s Gate Invocation by using Alice as the key. His stronghold is Kuihai Tower.

Dehuai Official Art Shadow Hearts

Dehuai Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Dehuai 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Dehuai Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Dehuai Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Affinity Fire

In Shadow Hearts

When Dehuai was younger, both he and Zhuzhen trained to become Taoist Adepts under Master Xifa. Dehuai branched out into Dark Magic.

15 years before the beginning of Shadow Hearts, Dehuai attempted to perform a Valorization. He wanted to use The Demon’s Gate Invocation to destroy Japan in order to send a message to the West.

His plans nearly came to fruit, however they were foiled by Colonel Hyuga with the help of Zhuzhen and Mr. Zhen. It is because of this incident that Dehuai became disfigured on his left side. Supposedly he lost his adept powers at the same time.

Because of Col. Hyuga’s interference with Dehuai’s plans, Dehuai is able to use some of Col. Hyuga’s neighbours as puppets to invade hi home and kill his wife.

Just before the beginning of Shadow Hearts, Dehuai has almost completed his plans for the Demon’s Gate Invocation. All he requires now is Alice. He sent Albert Simon to kidnap her on the The Trans-Siberian Express. Due to this failure, he has been tracking Alice ever since.

Asides from tracking Alice, he is attempting to seal away the Gods of the Four Winds and replace them with Yamaraja Demons. This happens in Zhaoyang and Dalian.

He first egages her in Fengtian where he possesses a puppy. He attempts to lead Alice to the clutches of the Japanese Army. However, the party are able to defeat the guards and engage Dehuai in combat as Beast Dog. They defeat him and flee.

Later in Dalian, Dehuai uses his powers to bring Li Li‘s spirit back from the dead. He later uses his powers to turn her ghost into a monster.

After Albert Simon failing to capture Alice, Dehuai sends Wugui to do it instead. While the party is in Shanghai, Dehuai sends his forces to Wuhan to seal the White Tiger God.

When the party arrive in Wuhan, and Dehuai’s old teacher Xifa tries to give them the White Tiger Votive Plate, Dehuai takes over Xiaofang‘s body, causing a weakness in Wuhan’s defenses and enabling Dehuai to teleport in, taking both the plate and Alice. His actions kill Xiaofang, He causes an earthquake which threatens to destroy the Temple Ruins and result in Xifa’s death.

While the party makes their way to Kuihai Tower, Dehuai tests Alice’s power by attaching her to the spirit machine and torturing her. When the party do arrive, he lets her go because he is convinced that the spirit machine has taken enough of her energy for his ritual to take place.

Dehuai the reveals his true intentions – to summon the Seraphic Radiance by performing the Reverse Demon’s Gate Invocation. This is the most advanced taoist magic possible, and performing this ritual would make him almost like a God.

Before he can perform the ritual, the party battle him and he transforms into Yamaraja: Calamity. However, he is not strong enough to defeat them. The ritual still incomplete, he sacrifices the last of his energy to try to summon the Seraphic Radiance, but to no avail, and dies atop Kuihai Tower.

In Battle

Dehuai is fought once in Shadow Hearts – once as himself, and again as Yamaraja: Calamity.

Known Attacks

  • Manguard
  • Fast Ring
  • Battle 1

    For this battle you will have Yuri, Zhuzhen and Margarete as their party.

    Before battle, be sure to buy Phoenix Tails from the vendor to cure Ring Abnormalities. If possible, equip characters with coral or jade lariats to increase the success rate of judgment ring attacks.

    Dehuai’s special defense is quite high compared to his physical defense. Because of this is it advisable for Yuri to fuse into Inferno (for added fire defense) and for Margarete to use Aqua Edge on him, as Dehuai is weak against water moves. After this Margarete should concentrate on physically attacking Dehuai. Zhuzhen should be the primary healer and keep everyone’s HP topped up with Nourishing Potion. If he gets the chance to attack, using his highest level magic spells are the best idea.


    Battle 2

    See: Yamaraja: Calamity

    Library Description

    An Adept who lives in Kuihai Tower and protects Shanghai from external attacks. He plans on ruling and turning Shanghai into a city of demons.


  • In his official art, Dehuai is depicted with many fireflies. In Japanese culture, Fireflies are the spirits of those who have died at war
  • In Dehuai’s official art he appears to be holding the puppy he possessed in Fengtian.
  • In conversation with Albert Simon, Simon refers to Dehuai as “Fallen Ruler of the nine heavens, earth sage”. The idea of “Nine Heavens” comes from Polynesian Religion, where in Chinese religion there is only one. A sage is a type of philosopher. stereotyped as a “wise old man”.
  • Dehuai may have been named after Peng Dehuai – one of the ten marshals of China.
  • Like many characters in Shadow Hearts, the full extent of Dehuai’s powers is never elabourated on. He recieved the same adept training as Zhuzhen. Dehuai is referred to as being an Earth Sage, a Taoist, a Warlock, a Black Magic Practioner and an Adept.
  • On the Japanese Shadow Hearts website it states that Zhuzhen and Dehuai are brothers – this is something that is never mentioned in the English version of the game. Though Zhuzhen does once refer to Dehuai as “a brother” – it is unclear whether he means a brother by blood or through taoist teachings.
  • In battle, he uses the same incantation as Zhuzhen
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