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Chris is a minor Character in Shadow Hearts. She is the second oldest member of the London Rats.

Chris Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Chris 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Chris Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Chris Character Profile

Affinity Earth

In Shadow Hearts

Chris lives in London and is a member of the orphan street gang the London Rats alongside Halley, Joshua and Sharon. It is unknown how long Chris has been an orphan for and whether her parents abandoned her or died.

The party first meet Chris after the Man in Black has attempted to kidnap Joshua. Chris thanks them and takes Joshua back to the London Rats hideout. He tells her that he managed to steal Margarete‘s wallet. Chris uses it to buy food for them. Soon after, Margarete leads Yuri and Alice to the London Rats’ Hideout to confront them about the stolen wallet. Chris admits that Joshua stole it but then goes on to explain that they hadn’t eaten in 3 days.

Alice enquires as to why they can’t get food from the orphanage and it’s revealed that no kid that goes to the orphanage ever comes back – that’s why they hid out here. To thank them for rescuing Joshua, Halley helps the party find out more about Cardinal Simon. While Halley is away, Chris, Joshua and Sharon are taken by the same man who tried to take Joshua earlier and brought to the Orphanage.

When at the Orphanage, Chris is separated from Joshua and Sharon. Jack takes her to the guest room and hypnotises her. This is so that he can use her as a vessel in which to transport his mother’s soul. Yuri and Halley are able to prevent her fate by interrupting him during his ritual.

After Chris returns safely back to London, she explains that she remembers next to nothing about her time with Jack.

Library Description

An orphan girl who lives on the streets of London. She refuses the help of adults and chooses to live with her pack. She has romantic feelings for the leader.