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Arcane Olga

Arcane Olga is a secondary antagonist in Shadow Hearts. Zhuzhen and Alice first meet her in Prague.

Arcane Olga Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Arcane Olga 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Arcane Olga Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Arcane Olga Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Affinity Dark
Boss FormArcane Olga Boss Shadow Hearts
GamesShadow Hearts
LocationPrague, Rouen, Calios Mental Hospital

In Shadow Hearts

Zhuzhen and Alice meet Olga outside Prague castle where a guard and Terry have been killed by monsters. Olga promptly vanishes as more monsters appear to attack Zhuzhen and Alice.

Olga returns to Albert Simon in Calios Mental Hospital where they are keeping Koudelka hostage and torturing her. Simon sends Olga back to Prague to try to kidnap Alice.

When the party return to Prague later on, Olga possesses one of the local girls – Yuria and feigns illness to draw Alice into the women’s bathroom. While Alice is looking for Yuria, Olga takes possession of Alice’s body. She tells Alice that she likes her younger body and tries to battle her for it. Alice defeats Olga in battle, forcing her out of Yuria’s body. Yuri arrives to find out what’s happened to Alice and Arcane Olga introduces herself only to leave moments later.

Olga returns to Albert Simon unsuccessful. He isn’t very concerned as he claims they have plenty of time. Olga reports that Yuri has now returned to the party and this does concern Simon – it means that Yuri has grown more powerful. Meanwhile, Olga voices her concern over Koudelka being tortured – she worries that she may died before revealing her secrets. Simon tells Olga that Koudelka is a very powerful witch and not one to die so easily from torture.

Arcane Olga continues to watch over the party as they travel to Rouen. As Alice is looking for Father Doyle, Albert Simon and Olga appear before Alice and Yuri to warn them that they are watching. Unnoticed to Simon and Olga, Margarete is waiting on the roof when Yuri demands a fight. Olga summons some demons as her and Albert Simon do not wish to do battle themselves. After the battle they leave together.

Arcane Olga continues to watch the party’s movements in Rouen. When they reveal they are going to find Father Doyle, she (unseen to them) warns them to stay away from the church. However they ignore her warning and travel to speak with Father Doyle. When he is in the midst of telling them why Father Elliot was in Rouen, Olga appears and strikes him with lightning, killing him. The party do battle with Olga and defeated she flees back to Albert Simon.

When Simon uses Rausan and Koudelka to lure the party to Calios Mental Hospital, Olga expresses that she doesn’t think that Rausan can be trusted to help them.

When Yuri and Halley appear to try and take Koudelka from Calios Mental Institution, Albert Simon is able to take Koudelka of her own free will and leaves Olga to destroy Yuri and Halley. Olga transforms and attacks them, but is defeated and dies in service to Albert Simon.

In Battle

Olga is fought several times in Shadow Hearts as a boss. When you fight her as a boss she transforms into a monster. Her skin has turned green and she appears to be in a purple-black gown with a peaked hood. A tube rungs from her back to here head and through her chest. All that is visible of her head is a beak-like pair of lips.

Known Attacks

  • Blaze
  • Nova
  • Rock Storm
  • Black Fog
  • Battle 1

    The first time you battle Olga is in Prague – you only use Alice. It is important to make sure that Alice’s SP is kept healthy – whenever it gets low, make sure to cure her using a Pure Leaf or a Pure Seed. If Alice is low on HP she can cure herself using Cure or Thera items. Offensively Alice should concentrate on using Blessed Light to deal damage to Olga. Olga does not use Black Fog in this battle so Alice does not need to be wary of status effects.

    Battle 2

    The second time you fight Olga is in the church in Rouen. Yuri must be in your party. It is advisable to bring either Alice or Zhuzhen as primary healer (especially Alice who can deal a lot of damage using Blessed Light and convert other characters attacks into Light Class by using Holy Edge) but this is not required.

    This fight is a little more difficult than the last as Olga can use Black Fog which is a Dark Type magic that hits the entire party and may cause poison. Equip the party with shell bracelets or cosmic bracelets to prevent poison. Cosmic bracelets can be bought from the Peddlar in Rouen.

    It is suggested that if possible, Yuri fuses into a level 2 fusion for this battle. The fusion monster should be chosen depending on how strong Yuri’s defenses are. Baldo should be used if Yuri is a high level and he should use Nova to attack Olga. Grace is a useful ability to use after Black fog as it heals all party members. If Yuri’s level is quite low you may want to use Charon for better defense against Black Fog. He can use Devil’s Deal to enhance the special abilities of Alice, Zhuzhen or Keith then use Mind Assault to force Olga to eventually use physical attacks.

    All other characters are optional and the boss battle can be attempted with any combination of the latter two.

    Alice is the best choice of a secondary character as she can use Cure to heal the party as well as Holy Edge to a physically attacking character. Like the first battle with Olga she should concentrate on using Blessed Light to deal heavy damage to Olga. If the party is not protected against poison Alice can use Wish to cure them.

    Zhuzhen can also be used as a healer by using Nourishing Potion to keep the party’s health topped up. Olga’s Special Defense is quite high so it may be worth equipping Zhuzhen with attack boosting items and attacking physically as he has no Light class spells with which to deal heavy damage.

    Keith should be used to attack Olga physically. If Keith’s health gets low he should use Blood Sucker or Drain touch to help heal himself.

    Margarete should be used as a physical attacker. If the party is not immune to poison she can use Pain Killer to heal them.

    Battle 3

    The third and final time Olga is fought is in Calios Mental Hospital.

    You must do this battle with Yuri, Halley and one other party member.

    Olga uses a variety of magics in this battle and has the ability to poison your party. For this reason they should be equipped with Cosmic Bracelets or Shell Bracelets.

    Note: Halley must be equipped before fighting Rausan as he will not have a another chance to be equipped for this battle.

    Olga’s spells are:

    – Black Fog (All Party, Dark + Poison)
    – Blaze (All Party, Fire)
    – Nova (One member, Light)
    – Mind Assault (One member, MP damage)

    Due to the fact that Olga can use Mind Assault, use MP as much as you can towards the beginning of the battle and bring along a lot of HP healing items for the scenario in which your healer loses all MP.

    Due to her high magical defence it is better to use physical attacks in this battle.

    If Margarete is used, use her as a physical attacker. She can use Pain Killer to heal any poison damage. Halley should be the primary healer and use Healing as necessary and physical attacks. Yuri should transform into Mad Bull and act as secondary healer with Howling. This form also raises his special defense and is not weak toward any of Olga’s attacks. He should focus on physical attacks when he does not need to heal.

    If Alice is in the party she should become the primary healer using Cure where needed and Blessed Light when she has the opportunity. She should begin the battle by using Holy Edge on Yuri and Halley to increase their physical attack. She can also cure poison with Wish. Halley should be the secondary Healer, using Healing as necessary and he should use physical attacks. Yuri should transform into Mad Bull and focus on physical attacks. He can use Howling if a third healer is required.

    If Zhuzhen is in the party he should be the primary healer by using Nourishing Potion where necessary. Whenever he has the opportunity to attack he should use Fury Serpent. The strategy for Halley & Yuri is the same as if Alice were in the party.

    If Keith is in the party, he should focus on physical attacks, using Blood Sucker to heal himself as necessary. This strategy for Halley & Yuri is the same for if Margarete is in the party.



    Soul Drop

    Fire Water Wind Earth Light Dark

    Library Descriptions

    Witch that embodies the evil roaming around the city. She steals people’s souls with her beautiful boice. She is actually Olga’s disguise.

    An old woman with strong mystical strength. Her power impressed the quack oracle. Involved in many mysterious incidents all over Europe.

    Origin and Trivia

    Olga is a Russian name meaning “Holy”.