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Anne Hyuga

Anne Hyuga is Yuri Hyuga’s mother and Col. Hyuga‘s wife. She is killed before the beginning of Shadow Hearts. At the end of Shadow Hearts: Covenant it is revealed that Anne Hyuga is actually Karin.

Anne Hyuga Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Anne Hyuga 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Anne Hyuga Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Anne Hyuga Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Affinity Light


Anne is portrayed as a young Russian woman with light brown hair, dressed modestly in a long sleeved top and long skirt.

In Shadow Hearts

Anne is never encountered in Shadow Hearts – only as a product of Yuri’s memory.

Before Col. Hyuga leaves to fight Dehuai, Anne gives him her cross. This cross is then given to Qiuhua by Col. Hyuga before the battle from which he never returns. Then Qiuhua gives it back to Yuri when he comes to Shanghai.

The first memory Yuri has of his mother is of one of the rare times his father was at home. Anne is fussing over Yuri.

The second time Anne is mentioned, this is when Yuri has gone out of his mind due to trying to fuse with the Seraphic Radiance. He thinks that Alice is his mother and that Fox Face is is father who has come to kill his mother.

Yuri’s most prominent memory of his mother is about the night she died – once again, his father was away. It was a stormy night, and Yuri and his mother are talking. Yuri tells her that he wants a little sibling. Looking out the window, they see some men approach the house – they are family friends. They knock on the door – Anne warns him not to answer, but he does anyway, as he recognises the men.

The men come in, and start acting strange – like they are possessed. They say that they have been sent to come and eat Anne and Yuri, and turn into monsters. This causes Yuri to use his power of fusion for the first time. He is able to kill the monsters but is unable to save his mother.

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, the story of Anne’s cross continues – Yuri gives it to Karin. The fact that Karin then becomes Col. Hyuga’s wife creates a Circular Time Paradox.

See Karin Koenig.

Library Description

The main character’s mother. A beautiful Russian woman. Many details of her life remain a mystery. Dehuai’s demon took her life before her son’s eyes.