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Albert Simon

Albert Simon is the primary antagonist of Shadow Hearts. He also makes an appearance in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. Yuri first encounters him on the Trans-Siberian Express trying to attack Alice. Here he uses the false name Roger Bacon. He is a practitioner of black magic.

Albert Simon Official Art Shadow Hearts

Albert Simon Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Albert Simon 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Albert Simon Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Albert Simon Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Age Around 300
Affinity Dark
Voice ActorWayne Grayson (Shadow Hearts)

Francis C. Cole (Shadow Hearts: Covenant)


Albert Simon was born in the early 1600s, to a poor family. He studied under Friar Roger Bacon and soon became adept at magic and philosophy, eventually becoming a Cardinal. Somewhere during his studies he became aware of how badly the upper classes treated the poor. Albert Simon felt they should be treated as equals and raised this issue with Roger. Although Roger agreed with him, he would not do it publicly as he felt the idea was too advanced for the time they lived in. Albert Simon then brought Roger Bacon to court for witchcraft. However, Roger was found innocent and the court instead turned their focus to Albert Simon and his heretical ideas of a classless society.

Albert is imprisoned and eventually exiled for his ideas. He then swears upon revenge and studies dark magic for a purpose to bring about his ideal society. Presumably around this time he joined Sapientes Gladio whose ideals matched his own. He allied himself with Jovis Abraham, and together they took a young Grigori Rasputin as a disciple. They taught him about dark magic, and he used this knowledge to make a soul pact with the demon Asmodeus. Asmodeus’ goal is to bring pain to the world. Albert Simon needed a way to stop Asmodeus and so went on a quest to make a soul pact with an equivalent demon, Amon.

In 1888, Albert Simon meets with a man named Hans Doyle and they become acquainted.

Albert Simon stole 3 Holy Books from the Vatican – The EmigrĂ© Manuscript, The Codex of Lurie and the Book of Rituals. He then defiled them with the intention to use them in a dark ritual to summon a God to Earth to destroy the ruling classes.. However, the Vatician sent Father Morris Elliot and Father James O’Flaherty to track down the books and Albert Simon (who they know as “Roger Bacon”) alongside them.

At some stage, Albert Simon buys a house in London, lives in it for a time before selling it and the Emigré Manuscript to a man named Jack.

In Shadow Hearts

In 1913 Father Elliot turns to Father Doyle in Rouen to help locate a warlock as powerful as Albert Simon (who Elliot knows as “Roger Bacon”). Albert Simon uses this as an opportunity to meet with Father Doyle. He convinces Doyle to introduce him to Elliot as a man more powerful than Roger Bacon, or he will kill him. Doyle agrees to set up a meeting between the pair. As Father Elliot expects to meet this powerful warlock Albert Simon kills him and kidnaps his daughter Alice. At some stage the Japanese Army take her and Albert Simon has been chasing her ever since. He is interested in using Alice’s special powers for his own personal gain.

He catches up to Alice on the Trans-Siberian Express, where he proceeds to kidnap her, killing several Japanese guards in the process. He is confronted by Yuri and summons a small demon to attack him. However, Yuri wields powers that Simon didn’t expect and is able to fight back.

Albert Simon and Yuri duel on top of the train. Simon is about to kill Yuri, when Alice’s pendant begins to glow and stun Simon. Yuri maims Albert Simon by punching through his eye – however this quickly heals.

It becomes evident as the game moves on that Albert Simon has some kind of alliance with Dehuai – as he informs Dehuai of Alice’s whereabouts, who is travelling with her as well as who is following her. However, Dehuai does not trust Albert Simon, even so Simon has offered his help with the Demon’s Gate Invocation ceremony. In fact, Albert Simon rescues a dying Wugui from Wuhan Temple Ruins after Wugui loses a battle to the party.

While in Asia, Albert Simon takes up residence in Kowloon Fortress to conduct experiments in Black Magic and Voodoo. He uses Wugui’s body as a subject for these experiments – seemingly the only reason he rescued him from death.

After Dehuai has died, Albert Simon appears on top of Kuihai Tower. He claims to be impressed with Dehuai’s attempts at summoning the Seraphic Radiance and decides to finish the job and summon it himself. Once summoned, Albert Simon is satisfied, and leaves to go back to London before Shanghai is destroyed.

Albert Simon then returns to London to meet Arcane Olga at Calios Mental Hospital where they are holding Koudelka hostage and torturing her, having allied themselves with the Friar Knights of the Inquisition and Viscount Rausan. Simon wants to use Koudelka’s dark power as a beacon to summon an evil God to earth to usher in a new era.

Albert Simon sends Olga to try and kidnap Alice once more. Olga returns unsuccessful, but Albert Simon states that they still have time. However he is worried that Yuri (who had previously been absorbed into the Seraphic Radiance) has now returned to Alice’s side – this indicates that Yuri has grown more powerful than before.

Albert Simon and Olga follow the party to Rouen – to the very site were Simon killed Father Elliot. Albert Simon congratulates Yuri on his escape from the Graveyard. He states that they are not here to fight, but to warn the party that they are still watching. However, Yuri insists on a battle and Olga summons some demons for him to fight. Albert Simon can see that Yuri has indeed grown more powerful and then leaves.

Albert Simon continues to seek Alice, this time using Koudelka as bait to draw Yuri and Halley to Calios Mental Hospital. Olga does not trust Rausan to be able to help with this plan, but Simon trusts him to be a good pawn.

Albert Simon reappears to take Koudelka with him just as Yuri and Halley appear to rescue her. Halley gets angry and his power manifests itself. Interested in Halley’s power, Albert Simon begins to torture him. With the last of her magical strength, Koudelka pleds with Simon to let Halley go and she will go with in in return. He teleports away from the Mental Hospital, taking Koudelka with him to the ruins of Nemeton Monastery.

As the party are searching for him, Albert Simon keeps track of Alice, and follows her to Rouen where she finds out the secret of who he really is. He talks with her a while and explains his reasons for wanting to reshape the world – revenge. He tells her that he no longer requires her as he has Koudelka. He tells her that the next time they meet it will be as enemies.

Albert Simon returns to Nemeton Monastery to conduct his ritual. His goal is to summon Meta-God to Earth to cleanse Earth of humanity as he believes there is no longer any hope for them. To do that need needs to raise The Float from the Irish sea as a beacon to the Meta-God. It is for this that he requires Koudelka’s power.

Just as he is beginning his ritual, he is interrupted by Yuri and Alice. Although he still attempts the ritual, Koudelka attempts to thwart it by attacking him with magic. This weakens Albert Simon, but in a last desperate attempt he fuses his soul with Amon, a demon from the Nemeton Monastery. He then attacks Yuri and Alice using his newfound power. They manage to defeat him, but the battle only serves to release enough energy for his ritual to continue, and he is able to raise the Float from the sea.

Once the Float has been released and has started acting as a beacon, Albert Simon travels to it to await the arrival of Meta-God. He waits in the highest room within the float until Yuri and the party finally find him.

Albert Simon comes to realise that it must have been his destiny to do battle with Yuri, ever since their first meeting. He uses this opportunity to turn into a monster and try to defeat Yuri. However, Yuri and his party manage to defeat him.

As Albert Simon is dying, the Meta-God has yet to arrive, so he warns Yuri that he will need to defeat it or face the end of the world. He tells Yuri that if there are more people that are strong and determined as he is, there may still be hope for humanity. Albert Simon uses the last of his strength to send Yuri’s party to meet Meta-God. His soul takes residence within Yuri’s mind.

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Since the events of Shadow Hearts, Albert Simon’s soul has resided within Yuri’s heart – in a place that looks like Katsuragi. Him an Yuri meet again once Yuri has learned of Rasputin’s deeds and came to seek out Amon to face against him. Simon encourages Yuri in his task.

Library Description

He calls himself by his master’s name, the legendary alchemist Roger Bacon, and attempts to bring new order to this world. He has the knowledge to do so.

– In Shadow Hearts

Magician who in a previous adventure, tried to destroy the world. He was stopped by Yuri, but his true enemy has always been Rasputin, the mad monk.

– In Shadow Hearts Covenant

Boss Fights

Albert Simon is fought several times in Shadow Hearts. Once on the Trans-Siberian Express (which is unwinnable), once in Nemeton Monastery and once at the end of the game, just before the Final Boss.

Albert Simon/Amon in Nemeton Monastery Battle

Albert Simon appears as a boss in Nemeton Monastery. Once defeated he transforms into Amon. Amon is an optional Fusion Monster for Yuri. If the player completes this battle with the Stone of Destruction in their inventory, they will gain Amon as a Fusion Soul.

Attacks (Albert)

Holy Chest

Attacks (Amon)

Atomic Dust
Demon Rays

This battle is done with Yuri, Alice and one other party member. Before battle all party members must be equipped with Will Powers to avoid SP damage from Holy Chest. All of Albert’s attacks are dark type, and some can target the entire party. He (as Amon) also uses a lot of physical attacks.

Both before and after transformation, Albert Simon is Dark Type and uses Dark Type attacks. If Yuri is a high enough level, he should transform into Sandalphon (the Light Gravestone can be found in Roger’s house and there are monsters in Nemeton Monastery that yield Light Souls) and attack using Pulse and heal using Revive where necessary. If Yuri is quite weak, he should transform into Charon to minimise damage against him. Charon can be used as a physical attacker – he becomes especially effective if Alice uses Holy Edge to give him Light Class attack damage.

Alice will be quite vulnerable to Albert and Amon’s range of attacks. She should use Gospel on herself to raise her Physical and Special Defense and if she has a free turn on other party members as well. She should use Cure to heal party members regularly and if several members are in critical condition she can use ressurection for full healing. It is important to make sure Alice’s SP is topped up as well as her MP. If everyone is at full HP she can use Blessed Light to attack or Holy Edge to add to physical attackers such as Margarete, Keith and Halley.

Having Zhuzhen or Halley as the third party member would free up Alice as a healer and allow her more turns to deal damage with Blessed Light and cast spells like Holy Edge. However, Margarete and Keith‘s physical attacks will damage Albert Simon more as his physical defense is low compared to his magic defense. Keith also has the ability to heal himself which gives him a slight advantage over Margarete.

If Zhuzhen is chosen as the third party member, he can heal using Nourishing Potion – leaving Alice to heal when the whole party is in need. He should attack using his highest level Yin and Yang.

If Margarete is chosen as the third party member have Alice use Holy Edge on her so that her physical attacks do more damage. Margarete should be used for physical attacks.

If Keith is chosen as the third party member he should concentrate on physical attacks – have Alice use Holy Edge on him if possible. If he need healing he can use Drain Touch or Blood Sucker.

If Halley is chosen as the third party member he can heal using Healing, leaving Alice for all-party healing. He should attack using Air Shot or physically if his MP is getting low.

Messiah Battle

See: Messiah

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant


  • In his official art, Albert Simon is portrayed with many white doves – similar to how a magician might appear. In Japanese, a white dove symbolises longevity. Since Albert Simon took the name Roger Bacon (who is immortal) this fits quite well
  • In Shadow Hearts, Albert Simon is seen to be able to heal himself in the opening cutscene – something he doesn’t do at all later in the game
  • Albert Simon is an immortal (or very long lived) although Shadow Hearts does not explain why. It can be assumed that since he studied under Roger Bacon he learned a technique of long life from him.
  • Albert Simon gives a speech before summoning the Float about how humanity will destroy itself. He references some events that have yet to happen. For example “A Few Foolish Elite will bring about suffering and tragedy” is a reference to the instigator of World War I – the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and “An iron behemoth shall rise and in a flash and countless lives will be snuffed out” is a reference to the invention of tanks used for war.