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Roger Bacon

Roger Bacon is an immortal character that appears in every Shadow Hearts game as well as Koudelka. He is an alchemist who is an ally to the party and will give help where possible. Roger is often used as a source of comic relief. His theme music is called “Bacon’s Juice” (Play here).

Roger Bacon Official Art Shadow Hearts

Roger Bacon Shadow Hearts Covenant Official Art
Roger Bacon Shadow Hearts 3D Render Roger Bacon 3D Shadow Hearts Covenant
Roger Bacon Shadow Hearts Character Profile Roger Bacon Headhsot Shadow Hearts Covenant
Age Over 700
Affinity Earth (Shadow Hearts)
None (Shadow Hearts: Covenant)
Voice ActorBrian Kojac (Koudelka)

James Carter Cathcart (Shadow Hearts)

Amos Nandy (Shadow Hearts: Covenant), Tatsuya Ikuin (Shadow Hearts: Covenant, JP)

Marty Keiser (Shadow Hearts: From the New World)


Roger Bacon is an immortal warlock and famous alchemist. He entered the history books as far back as the 1200s as a priest of the Franciscan Order. He studied at both Oxford and Paris university and became well known as a warlock and an alchemist.

Bacon had always been known to be peculiar and upstanding. As time went on, Bacon became quite critical of the church and lead a revolution against it. Due to this he ended up imprisoned. However he eventually got released and began to teach chemistry and medicine.

At some point, Roger become the mentor to one Albert Simon. Simon was a poor boy, but very clever. He resented how the poor were treated by the rich and wanted to stage a revolution regarding this. Roger warned him that his way of thinking was too advanced for the current era, and although he agreed with Simon, he could not encourage him.

However, Simon took to learning dark magic and then tried to bring Roger to trial for being a witch. Roger was trialled for witchcraft in front of a church. The church found him innocent as they were more focused on simon’s radical ideas of all of humanity being equal. Simon was trialled and he was then exiled.

In Koudelka

Roger plays a minor role in Koudelka. He is awoken from a long sleep and meets Koudelka. He is there to witness Patrick‘s attempts at reviving his wife who turns into a monster instead of coming back to life. He also sees the defeat of Elaine by Koudelka, Edward and James.

In Shadow Hearts

The party does not meet Roger under they travel to Wales. Up until this point they believe that Albert Simon is Roger Bacon.

Roger finds Yuri and Alice searching the monastery for some clues as to how to find Albert Simon (who they believe to be Roger Bacon). He approaches them and explains that he is Roger Bacon. They say that Koudelka sent them in search of him, and he agrees to help them.

Roger tells Yuri and Alice of the events in the monastery over 10 years ago, and how Nemeton Monastery came to ruin. Yuri explains that Jack attempted to revive his mother using the Emigré Manuscript. Roger exclaims that the Emigré Manuscript is the same text that Patrick used when he attempted to revive Elaine. Alice tells Roger that Albert Simon had stolen the Emigré Manuscript from the Vatican many years ago. Hearing the name Albert Simon again, Roger tells them that he was Simon’s teacher and he was worried he would turn to the dark arts. They fear there is not much time left. Roger leads Yuri and Alice to the entrance of the underground ruins, where Albert Simon is hiding.

Roger allows the party to pass through the door of Judgment which is sealing the ruins and into the main ruins themselves. While the party find Albert Simon, Simon is able to summon a beacon which will then summon a God from Space. Upon hearing about this, Roger devises a way to prevent the God – a large alien, and not a God at all – from coming to Earth. He is spurred to finish his latest invention – a teleporter. He suggests that the party teleport to Neam (the beacon that will summon the God) and destroy it. However to do this Roger needs to find the exact co-ordinates of Neam.

With the help of the party, Roger is able to start his machine and teleport them to the Float.

If Yuri comes back to speak to Roger once the Float is opened, Roger convinces him to run the machine again which sends Roger to the moon which he finds the Nightbird Claw, which he then gives to Yuri.

After the Meta-God has been defeated, Roger and Yuri hide the Émigré manuscript within the ruins.

Shadow Hearts Library Description

A legendary alchemist who became immortal. He leaves traces of himself wherever he goes, but he had not been seen. If he is indeed alive, then he is more than 400 years old.

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Roger is seen being abducted from his home by Lenny. They have kidnapped him for details about the Émigré Manuscript as well as a new vehicle he has been working on that uses Nuclear Fusion to power it. He is held by Sapientes Gladio in Florence for a time, but then moved to St. Marguerite Island Prison via a boat from Cannes. Roger is very resistant to their interrogation torture techniques about the Émigré manuscript and refuses to give them any information. He is kept blindfolded and bound to a chair until the party rescue him. Much to his dismay, Nicolai has already taken the manuscript from Yuri. They return to Wales. Roger explains to them that Sapientes Gladio is being led by Rasputin who is currently located in Petrograd. He flies the party to Petrograd using his nuclear powered “Bacon Jet”.

In Russia, the party have to suddenly flee as Empress Alexandra believes they have cast a spell over Princess Anastasia due to Rasputin‘s influence. He decides to take the party to Goreme Valley to meet with the founder of Sapientes Gladio, Jovis Abraham.

Shadow Hearts: Covenant Library Description

Strange creature living in Wales. Although hard to imagine from his skeletal visage, he is a legendary and powerful magician.

In Shadow Hearts: From the New World


  • Roger Bacon is loosely based on 13th century philosopher and friar Roger Bacon.
  • In Roger’s official art he is depicted with some owls – worldwide these are a symbol of wisdom
  • Roger breaks the forth wall by tricking the player into thinking they can name him and directly telling them that they can’t. Yuri asks who he is talking to.
  • In Shadow Hearts, Roger is initially called “Strange Creature”
  • It is not really explained why Roger is an immortal – one may assume he found the secret to immortality while studying alchemy.
  • Roger’s House is very futuristic which marks him as having knowledge ahead of his time.
  • In every game he is in, Roger has a different voice actor.
  • Roger discovered nuclear power well before the real world discovery of Nuclear Fission in the 1930s.
  • Roger Shadow Hearts Covenant Concept Art

    Concept Art

    Roger Shadow Hearts Covenant Concept Art Back

    Concept Art

    Roger Bacon imprisoned Shadow Hearts Covenant

    Roger Imprisoned

    St Marguerite Island Rescuing Roger Shadow Hearts Covenant

    Freeing Roger

    Roger Bacon Shadow Hearts Covenant

    Roger reunited with his friends

    Naming Roger Bacon Shadow Hearts Covenant

    Attempting to name Roger