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Ring Soul

Ring Soul is a character in Shadow Hearts: Covenant who then appears in Shadow Hearts: From the New World. They help give the player hints and advice relating to the Judgment Ring.
Ring Soul 3D Shadow Hearts Covenant

Ring Soul Headhsot Shadow Hearts Covenant

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

The Ring Soul is first encountered in Apoina Tower by Karin and Nicolai. The Ring Soul bestows the gift of being able to control and refine the Judgment Ring to Karin, as they are able to see her importance in the future of the world. They warn Karin that they are watching, to see if she is truly deserving of this power and then disappear.

The Ring Soul appears later to Yuri and Karin in the Paris subway. He tells Yuri that he is watching to see if he is ready to command his destiny.

Library Description

Soul of the Judgment Ring that controls all fortune. Can appear at any time and gives ring power-up items. Its true form is a mystery.

Ring Soul Locations in Shadow Hearts Covenant

Here is a list of locations that the Ring Soul appears in. Most meetings are optional. Meeting with the Ring Soul gives the player Judgment Ring upgrades.

  1. Apoina Tower (Mandatory)
  2. Paris (Mandatory)
  3. Le Havre (Near tree, outside the tavern)

In Shadow Hearts: From the New World

Library Description


  • Yuri often mistakenly calls the Ring Soul “Ring Spirit”, which is the name of the Ring Soul’s daughter
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