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Sergeant (later Special Agent) Masaji (also known as Seiji and Masaru in Shadow Hearts) Kato is a member of the Japanese Army and a Shadow Hearts: Covenant he becomes a major character and eventually the Final Boss. He is very close to Lt. Col. Yoshiko Kawashima.
Masaji Kato Shadow Hearts Covenant Official Art
Seiji Kato Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Seiji Kato 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Kato 3D Shadow Hearts Covenant
Seiji Kato Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Seiji Kato Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

kato Headhsot Shadow Hearts Covenant
Age 28 (Shadow Hearts) 29 (Shadow Hearts: Covenant)
Affinity Earth

In Shadow Hearts

Kato is first encountered speaking with Lt. Col. Kawashima about retrieving Alice. He first meets the party in Dalian where he is disguised as a smuggler.

He initally not trusted by Lt. Suketani who is not sure whether it is okay to speak of the Japanese Army’s plans in front of a Sergeant he doesn’t know, but Kawashima vouches for Kato, as he is helping her with the plan to kidnap Alice.

Kato is told by Suketani several times to keep an eye out for Kawashima, as Suketani knows that Major Kutsugi wants her dead for treason. Kato later finds Suketani dying in the Japanese Military office in Shanghai, after he has been shot by Kutsugi’s men for hiding Kawashima’s whereabouts. Kato promises to tell the party about the location of the Yawang Gate Key.

When the party storms Kuihai Tower, Kato follows Kawashima there and he bears witness to the Seraphic Radiance destroying Shanghai. This causes an earthquake to happen in Shanghai.

A year after the incident at Kuihai Tower, Kato is still in Shanghai with Kawashima, in spite of the fact she has asked him to return to Japan. He tells her that he’s very interested in the dark magics that Dehuai has released. However, his real reason for staying in Shanghai is that he has fallen in love with Kawashima and wants to protect her.

Kawashima is wondering where Yuri’s party have gotten to. She is envious of their lifestyle and the fact they do not have to take orders from anyone. Kato tells her that everyone has the right to live whatever lifestyle they want, even her. He is choosing to follow her wherever she goes.

While they are talking, they are interrupted by Private Matsuura and other members of the Japanese army who tell Kawashima that she has orders to return to headquarters in Japan. Private Matsuura takes her downstairs to talk with her while Kato remains upstairs. Not long after Kawashima leaves the room, Kato hears a gunshot and runs downstairs. He knocks the men down and kills them on his way to find Kawashima. When he finds her downstairs, she is already dying. Kato cradles her and tells her he will go to find help. She tells him that it is too late and dies in his arms.

Kato has her body cremated. Before flying back to Japan to spread her ashes, he pays a visit to Qiuhua and her father to tell them of what happened. Kato also enquires about the whereabouts of Yuri and his party, but Qiuhua doesn’t know.

Kato returns to Japan.

Library Description

An unlucky geographer who joins Kawashima’s secret mission. He takes great interest in the world of dark magic during the mission.

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Since the events of Shadow Hearts, Kato has become an international diplomat as his title is now Special Agent Kato. He has been travelling around the world and was on route from New York to London but a storm has kept him stuck in Southampton. There he finds Yuri and his travelling companions. They catch up, and Kato explains what happened to Lt. Col. Kawashima over a year ago, where Yuri explains that Alice was taken by the curse of the Four Masks, and now he is being followed by Sapientes Gladio. Kato chooses not to say anything about Sapientes Gladio, and tells Yuri he will give him information if he can.

Kato later travels to Petrograd. His watch is broken so he visits Edgar, who is able to fix it for him. Later he meets with Nicolai to try and organise a deal between Japan and Russia. Nicolai gives Kato the Émigré Manuscript and Kato promises weapons and co-operation in return.

Library Description

Secret Gent of the Japanese navy, working for Minister Ishimura. He turned into a cold grim soldier after the death of his superior officer in Shanghai.

Origin & Trivia

  • Kato is given 3 different first names within the series. In Shadow Hearts he calls himself “Masaru” but the character page calls him “Seiji”. Throughout Shadow Hearts: Covenant he is called “Masaji”.
  • The name “Kato” is 11th most common Japanese Surname – it means “To Add Wisteria”
  • The name “Masaji” means “Second Son” – this implies that Kato has an older brother
  • The name “Seiji” means “lawful”
  • The name “Masaru” can mean “Excel” “Large” or “Commander”
  • When Kato is a acting a as smuggler in Shadow Hearts, the name he takes is “Kato Pachimon”