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Lenny Curtis

Lenny is a character in Shadow Hearts: Covenant who then appears in Shadow Hearts: From the New World. He is a member of Sapientes Gladio whose mission is to stop Yuri
Lenny Curtis Shadow Hearts Covenant Official Art
Lenny Curtis 3D Shadow Hearts Covenant

Lenny Curtis Headhsot Shadow Hearts Covenant
Voice ActorHiroki Nakamura JP)

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

At the beginning of Shadow Hearts: Covenant, Lenny is seen kidnapping Roger from his home in Wales. Later he follows Yuri and the rest of the party through the Ardennes Forest. Eventually Lenny and his Clawed Soldiers catch up to the party in the Paris Subways via the use of mine cart. However, they are not on the same track and this results in Lenny going another way and losing the party to Veronica, to his despair.

Lenny continues to track Yuri to Wales. Yuri asks him where he is keeping Roger, and Lenny refuses to tell him. Yuri insists that Lenny probably doesn’t know where Roger is, and feeling insulted, Lenny accidentally mentions that Roger is being kept in Florence. As Yuri and his party leave, Lenny fights them, but is defeated.

Afterward, Lenny reconciles with Nicolai to tell him that he’s failed to dispacth Yuri. However, they return to the Sapientes Gladio HQ together via airship to tempt Yuri into getting the Émigré Manuscript for them by telling them they’ll free Roger from St. Marguerite prison in exchange.

When the party eventually come to St. Marguerite island, a trap is set to paralyse them. It works except for on Blanca, who Lenny is tasked with finding. After looking for a while, he goes to speak with Nicolai who tells him to dispatch of the party once Veronica has finished torturing them, to Lenny’s resentment. He continues to look for Blanca, but is unsuccessful. An alarm is tripped that allows Lenny to know that the party has broken out of their prison cells, and they must be trying to rescue Roger. Lenny sends his Clawed Admirals after them and tells Veronica to leave with Nicolai while he destroys them. He is then transformed into a monster and fights them. Lenny is defeated and reels from his defeat, backwards through a hole in the wall and plummets.

Lenny Boss battle strategy (Wales)

When you battle Lenny in Wales he is accompanied by two Clawed Commanders. You can fight him with a combination of Yuri, Karin, Gepetto, Blanca and Joachim.

Before battle, equip as many characters as possible with anti-paralysis items such as Bhodi bracelets, as Lenny uses Paralysis in battle. Carry enough Soul Benediction to cure characters that get paralysed.

The Clawed Commanders will combo against you and use Blind Ring, so equip characters with Pocket Watches if possible, and carry Phoenix Tails to cure people with. They also use Gale Spin as an offensive attack.

Defeat one Clawed Commander as soon as you can to prevent too many combos, and defeat them both before you move onto Lenny.

Lenny is weak to magic, especially to Wind magic, so using characters with magic skills (such as Gepetto using Cornelia’s Windy Pixie dress or anyone equipped with Sallos or Furfur to use Gale Spin) is a good strategy. A character without magic and with good defense (such as Yuri or Joachim) can make a good support/healer character in this battle. Try to combo as much as possible, but keep an eye on Karin, Gepetto and Blanca’s SP if the battle goes on for a long time.

Lenny Boss Battle Strategy (St. Marguerite Island)

See Godhand.

Library Description

Huge warrior and leader of the secret society’s assassin group, the Steel Claws. He’s highly praised by his superiors for his hard work and devotion to the cause.

As leader of the Steel Claws, he is a muscular hulk of a man who wields a giant khanjar. While not very intelligent, he makes up for it in raw power.

In Shadow Hearts: From the New World

Library Description


  • The name Lenny comes from “Leonardo” or “Leonard” meaning “Brave Lion”.
  • Curtis is a name that comes form the word “courteous”.
  • The weapon he uses is an Arabic weapon, suggesting that Lenny has is widely travelled