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Koudelka Iasant

Koudelka is the main and title character of Koudelka, as well as an important in Shadow Hearts, where she appears as the mother of Halley, a playable character. In both games she possess special abilities that include communicating with the dead, psychic visions and telepathy.

Koudelka Iasant Official Art Shadow Hearts

Koudelka Iasant Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Koudelka Iasant Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Koudelka Iasant Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Koudelka Iasant 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Affinity Fire
Voice ActorVivianna Bateman (Koudelka, English)

Addie Blaustein (Shadow Hearts, English)

Hiroko Kasahara (Shadow Hearts, Japanese)

In Koudelka

Koudelka is the main and title character of Koudelka. She investigates Nemeton Monastery because her psychic power lead her there. There she meets Edward Plunkett and James O’Flaherty and investigates the cause of the monsters that are roaming the monastery and the disappearence of James’ friend Patrick Heyworth.

Eventually Koudelka and the party discover that Patrick moved to Nemeton with his wife Elaine and their two servants Bessy and Ogden. Not long after they moved, they were attacked by bandits and Elaine was killed. Patrick tried to bring her back to life, but she only turned into a monster. Due to Koudelka, Edward and James – they were able to stop the monster from rampaging and leaving the monastery.

In Shadow Hearts

In the years between Koudelka and Shadow Hearts, Koudelka gave birth to a son named Halley (presumably fathered by Edward), and they reside in the UK. Koudelka tells Halley of her exploits and explains to him that magic can be used to help people as well as harm them – as he grows to inherit her magical abilities.

Three years before the main events of the game, Koudelka was captured by the Friar Knights of the Inquisition. They then Koudelka to Calios Mental Hospital. There she is kept and tortured. However she is able to extend her thoughts to Yuri, guiding him through life for several years before urging him to get in contact with Halley. It is implied that Koudelka is one of the few people that know that Albert Simon is not really Roger Bacon

Although the player doesn’t meet Koudelka until the second half of the game, she is present from the beginning as a voice in Yuri’s head. Her goal is to get him and Alice to meet Halley in London, so they can team up to rescue her.

Due to the nature of her telepathy, sometimes Yuri doesn’t recieve the full message, but sometimes it’s clear enough for both him and Alice to hear. Her messages to Yuri include hints for him to help Alice, to be careful at Zhaoyang Village and go to Shanghai to seek Dehuai.

When Alice is attached to the spirit machine in Kuihai Tower – nearly all of her life force has drained. Koudelka is able to lend her enough energy to survive and then do battle with Dehuai.

By the time the party arrive in Europe, Koudelka is still being tortured and Olga fears she may die before she speaks. Albert Simon however believes that Koudelka is too strong to die from torture alone. She is being tortured because Albert Simon wants to use her magic as a beacon to summon an evil God who will cleanse the world and usher in a new era. Due to this she sacrifices her body and mind to torture before her magic.

Eventually, Halley and Yuri arrive in Calios Mental Hospital with the intention of rescue Koudelka. Koudelka is locked in a dungeon and held in a straightjacket, unable to speak due to torture. Halley tries speaking to her, but to do avail.

Albert Simon appears with Arcane Olga and explains to Yuri and Halley that Koudelka has the same magical capacity as Alice, but for black magic rather than white. Simon sees that Halley displays the same magical ability as Koudelka and begins to torture him. Rather than allow that to happen, Koudelka wriggles over to Halley to try and prevent it.

Albert Simon prevents her from reaching her son by standing on her. Using the last of her magical strength, she is able to communicate to Yuri and Halley that Albert Simon is not Roger Bacon and they must seek a man in Wales. She agrees to go with Simon in exchange for Halley’s life.

Koudelka is now brought back to Nemeton Monastery by Albert Simon – to the place where she attempted to defeat Elaine years ago. Albert Simon makes preparations for his ritual – his plan is to summon Neam, a Float that will act like a beacon to summon a God from Space. Koudelka tries to attack him and succeeds in weakening him, but manages aid in creating and energy to summon the God.

After the ordeal, Koudelka returns to London with Halley. After a rest years, she is finally able to speak with him properly. She talks to him a little, telling him that he is like a younger version of his father – he is even starting to look like him. Halley asks about his father, and Koudelka tells him that she wouldn’t be alive without his help, and he is currently in America. Halley asks if he can continue travelling with Yuri as he would like to try to save the world from the descent of the God. Koudelka tells him that he must promise her that he will return – the same way his father did. Halley promises to return.

Alice and Yuri then come up to speak to Koudelka – as they have never had a proper chance to. Yuri is surprised that the voice in his head turned out to be a beautiful woman. Koudelka thanks him and Alice for making the efforts to rescue her. Yuri asks why it was his head was always sore when he received Koudelka’s voice. She explains that it is due to his Fusion ability. Because he fuses with the souls of monsters, they scream in agony any time she spoke to him, but it was Yuri that received the punishment.

Koudelka peaks to Alice, about the curse she bears and how she must be so brave to bear it for a man she loves. Alice responds that she does what she does with the help of her friends. Koudelka wishes them both luck with the upcoming battle.

After Halley returns from defeating Meta-God, Koudelka fulfills her promise to him and they take a boat to America to seek Halley’s father.

Library Description

A mysterious woman who knows the truth behind the string of incidents. She disappeared after the Nemeton Monastery went up in flames. She has strong mystical strength.