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Patrick Heyworth

Patrick Heyworth is an important character in Koudelka, although the characters themselves never meet him in that game. He is a friend of James‘.


Before the beginning of Koudelka, Patrick purchased Nemeton Monastery and moved there with his wife Elaine and their servants Bessy and Ogden.

Not long after moving in, bandits broke into the monastery and killed Elaine. Patrick was intent on bringing her back to life and took to researching dark magic. Patrick became acquainted with Albert Simon who sells Patrick the Emigré Manuscript, a Greek text that gives instruction on how to bring the dead back to life.

Patrick uses it to try and bring Elaine back to life, but she only becomes a terrible monster. Patrick is then killed by his creation.

In Koudelka

In Shadow Hearts

Patrick and his attempts to bring Elaine back to life are briefly mentioned by Roger when Yuri and Alice visit Nemeton Monastery.

Origin and Trivia

  • The name “Patrick” means “nobleman”
  • The name “Heyworth” originates in Yorkshire, England.