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Father James O’Flaherty

Father James O’Flaherty is a playable character in Koudelka and briefly mentioned as a plot point in Shadow Hearts. James is a Bishop skilled in exorcism who is on a quest from the Vatican.


In 1890, James and Father Elliot were summoned to the Vatican as they were both renowned exorcists. Some Holy Texts were stolen from the Vatican – James and Father Elliot are sent to retrieve them.

James and Father Elliot travelled throughout Europe together for several years. In 1983 Father Elliot parted ways with James so he could be with his newborn daughter Alice and James continued to track down the Holy Texts.

James received information that they had been bought by a scholar in Wales. He then travelled to Wales and the events of Koudelka took place.

In Koudelka

In Shadow Hearts

James is never encountered in Shadow Hearts, as the canon ending of Koudelka means that he sacrificed himself to allow Koudelka and Edward to escape the monastery. He is however mentioned by Father Doyle who recounts the story of the Holy Text being stolen to Alice and the rest of the party.

Alice then finds James’ gravestone outside Nemeton Monastery when the party visit Roger Bacon.

Origin and Trivia

  • Exorcists are typically Catholic priests – James seems to be designed as a stereotypical exoricst.
  • James is a Biblical name that means “Supplanter”
  • O’Flaherty is an Irish surname that means “Bright One”
  • You can find James’ in Shadow Hearts outside Nemeton Monastery‘s ruins. This implies that the “middle” ending of Koudelka is the canon one as in this ending, James sacrifices himself to stop Elaine from killing Koudelka and Edward.
  • If you go to James’ grave in Shadow Hearts with Alice and Zhuzhen in your party, you will find the Book of Ritual hidden within a secret compartment.