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Elaine Heyworth

Elaine is an important character in Koudelka. She is killed before the beginning of the game and is only met as the game’s Final Boss.


Elaine moved to Nemeton Monastery with her husband Patrick and their servants Bessy and Ogden.

Not long after moving into the Monastery, bandits broke in and killed Elaine. Patrick then performs experiments on her body in order to try and bring her back to life. Instead of coming back to life as Elaine she only comes back as a monster, killing Patrick.

In Koudelka

In Shadow Hearts

Elaine is very briefly referenced by Roger whenever Yuri and Alice visit him in Nemeton Monastery.

Origin and Trivia

  • The name “Elaine” means “Light”
  • The name “Heyworth” originates from a Yorkshire town in England.
  • The pod where Elaine is held in Koudelka becomes the entrance to Nemeton Monastery’s Ruins in Shadow Hearts