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Edward Plunkett

Edward Plunkett is a playable character in Koudelka.

In Koudelka

In Shadow Hearts

Edward is never mentioned by name in Shadow Hearts but it is hinted that he is the father of Koudelka‘s son Halley. Halley’s surname is “Brancket” but in Japanese his surname is “Plunkett”, showing a clearer connection between the two. Toward the end of Shadow Hearts, Koudelka makes reference to Halley’s father as a man who saved her life and always kepy his promises which is in keeping with his character in Koudelka.

If this is the case, at the point when Shadow Hearts is occurring, Edward is living in America and has never known his son.

Origin and Trivia

  • Although never explicitied stated it can be assumed that Edward is Halley’s father
  • Edward is an English name meaning “wealth”
  • Plunkett is an Irish surname often associated with nobels