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Gerard Magimel

Gerard Magimel (Japanese name: Gerard Mazymell) is an item shop owner character in Shadow Hearts: Covenant who runs an item shop with his twin brother Pierre. Gerard appears again in Shadow Hearts: From the New World where he runs the item shop with his boyfriend Buigen.
Gerard Magimel Shadow Hearts Covenant Official Art
Gerard Magimel Hyuga 3D Shadow Hearts Covenant

Gerard Magimel Headhsot Shadow Hearts Covenant

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Gerard and Pierre are friends of Gepetto that provided him with costumes and props for his marionette shows. They encounter Gepetto and the rest of the party in Paris.

Library Description

Item seller, he travels the world with his twin brother Pierre. An aggressive salesman, he’ll go anywhere, no matter how dangerous, in his beloved wagon.

In Shadow Hearts: From the New World

Library Description


  • Gerard is a name meaning “Strong”
  • Magimel is a French surname of unknown meaning