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Colonel Hyuga

Colonel Hyuga is Yuri Hyuga‘s father and Anne Hyuga‘s husband. He is a character in Shadow Hearts as “Ben Hyuga” but in Shadow Hearts: Covenant as “Jinpachiro Hyuga” (which was his name in the Japanese version of Shadow Hearts). He plays an important role in Shadow Hearts, and appears again at the end of Shadow Hearts: Covenant. He shares the same Harmonixer blood as Yuri. He is briefly playable in a flashback sequence in Shadow Hearts where he can fuse into Czernobog. He also appears as an enemy later in the game where he can fuse into Seraphic Radiance.

Jinpachiro Hyuga Official Art Shadow Hearts

Ben Hyuga Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Ben Hyuga 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Ben Hyuga Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Ben Hyuga Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Affinity Dark
Voice ActorWayne Grayson (Shadow Hearts)

Sean Roberts (Shadow Hearts: Covenant)


Colonel Hyuga appears as a tall Japanese man in a Japanese miltary uniform. He has short brown hair and dark eyes.

In Shadow Hearts

Colonel Hyuga plays an important role in Shadow Hearts, as his disappearance during Yuri’s childhood is what drives Yuri to travel as an adult.

While working in Black Ops for the Japanese Imperial Army, he met Mr. Zhen who was dying in Tongliao (near the China-Mongolia border). He helped him recover, and they opened a shop together as they both were intent on taking out Dehuai. It is implied that Col. Hygua began to look at Qiuhua as a surrogate daughter.

Due to being in Shanghai for most of the year, he was only able to see his wife and son in the winter period.

15 years before the start of Shadow Hearts, Colonel Hyuga was a part of the “Black Ops” section of the Japanese Army. Together with Mr. Zhen, he found Zhuzhen being persued by Wugui and defeats Wugui for a time. After that Col Hyuga and Mr. Zhen accept Zhuzhen into their team to take out Dehuai. He played a key part in an operation to stop Dehuai‘s plan of Valorization – which would destroy Japan. Because of Col. Hyuga’s interruption of Dehuai’s plan, Dehuai sent monsters to kill his wife and child. They succeed in killing Anne while Col. Hyuga is away from home.

Before going to take on Dehuai, Col. Hyuga gives Qiuhua a cross that his wife once wore. This is because Qiuhua reminds him of Yuri.

Colonel Hyuga injured Dehuai enough to grievously disfigure him. During the last struggle with Dehuai, Col. Hyuga died along with Dehuai, leaving Yuri without parents.

During the course of the game, Yuri has flashbacks about his childhood. We learn that while at home he worked hard, sowing the land for the village. He tells his son that he works hard so they can share their crops with the rest of the village. It is also revealed that Colonel Hyuga had to leave home for long periods of time during Yuri’s childhood. After his death, his spirit lives on within Yuri. When Yuri tried to fuse with the Seraphic Radiance, Col. Hyuga’s spirit absorbed it to lessen the damage it did to Yuri.

If Yuri finds the Stone of Rebirth and comes to Graveyard, Col. Hyuga is able to speak with him. Col. Hyuga offers Yuri the chance to battle with him – so that the soul of the Seraphic Radiance can transfer between them. Yuri successful, Col. Hyuga tells him how proud he is, and his soul is able to leave Yuri’s mind and rest in peace.

Playing as Colonel Hyuga

Colonol Hyuga appears in a brief flashback in Shadow Hearts. You take control of him in Shanghai – 15 years before the start of the game. He controls much like Yuri, and has the same fusion ability. However he can only fuse into one monster – Czernobog. He has noticibly higher stats than Yuri for this stage in the game.

Boss Battle

Once the player has the Stone of Rebirth, Yuri can enter the Graveyard and challenge Colonel Hyuga to a battle, in order to be able to fuse into the Seraphic Radiance.

Yuri will battle Col. Hyuga one on one. For the first half of the battle, Col. Hyuga will not fuse and will only use physical attacks. For the second half of the battle he will fuse with Seraphic Radiance an use a combination of physical attacks and Malcto (a special attack that damages Yuri but heals the Seraphic Radiance).

Yuri’s suggested fusion is Lobo as it has high defense, the ability to raise its defense even further with Battle Cry and healing magic with Shout.

This battle will be quite difficult if Yuri is level 50 or under. It is possible to do at a lower level, but it is better to wait until he is at least level 50 before attempting.

Yuri should be equipped with items to help boost his SP – the Flare Brooch and the Huge Jug for example – as this battle will take a lot of turns. If his SP gets low, use a Pure Root to restore it. If is also worth equipping a VooDoo Doll in case Yuri becomes unconscious.

The first thing that Yuri should do once fused is raise his defence. Whenever his defense his lowered, he should raise it again at the next possible moment.
He should use physical attacks to deal damage for the duration of the battle.
Be mindful of how much damage Col. Hyuga and Seraphic Radiance deal and heal when you’re about to go below that threshold. Thera Extracts are useful here.



Soul Drop

Fire Water Wind Earth Light Dark

Library Description

A Japanese Colonel who disappeared during a secret mission on the continent in 1900. Rumoured to have special powers.

In Shadow Hearts: Covenant

Colonel Hyuga is mentioned in Shadow Hearts: Covenant, however he is not actually seen until the end of the game where he finds Karin.