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Alice Elliot

Alice is one of the main characters in Shadow Hearts and also plays an important role in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. Her Japanese name is transliterated as Aris Elliot according to the official guidebook. She is an exorcist who possesses special abilities. Alice is the love-interest of Yuri.

Alice Elliot Offical Art Shadow Hearts

Alice Elliot Shadow Hearts 3D Render

Alice Elliot 3D Render (Shadow Hearts)

Alice Eliott 3D Shadow Hearts Covenant

Alice Elliot Shadow Hearts Character Profile

Alice Elliot Character Profile (Shadow Hearts)

Alice Eliott Headhsot Shadow Hearts Covenant
Special AbilityWhite Magic
Voice ActorChie Sawaguchi (Shadow Hearts, Japanese)

Veronica Taylor (Shadow Hearts, English)

Georgette Rose (Shadow Hearts: Covenant, English)

In Shadow Hearts

Alice is the main female character in Shadow Hearts. It is hinted at throughout Shadow Hearts that Alice was born with special powers – which are referred to as “Demon Eyes”. She is able to control white magic and repel evil. Due to this, she is very valuable to black magic users who require a strong source of white magic to use in certain ceremonies.

Before the beginning of the game her father is killed in Rouen by Albert Simon. Alice and her father were travelling around Europe exorcising demons together while Alice’s father was on the trial of some Holy books that had been stolen from the Vatican. Her father was looking to meet someone in Rouen but before he could he was killed by Albert Simon (who Alice knows as “Roger Bacon”). Alice was then kidnapped by Albert Simon and brough to Changchun in China where she taken instead by the Japanese army. Since then she has been pursued by both Simon and the Japanese army as well as Dehuai. Each have their own reasons for wanting her in their possession.

At the start of the game, she is being held hostage on the Trans-Siberian Express by the Japanese Army who are hoping to take her to Fengtian. Soon she is kidnapped by Albert Simon, and rescued by Yuri.

Due to a a voice in Yuri’s head telling him to keep Alice safe, she travels with him for most of the duration of Shadow Hearts. As she travels with him, she reveals that she can also hear the voice. Like Yuri, she seems to suffer from bad dreams – she has one about a woman being held hostage in a mental hospital. This is in part due to her “Demon Eyes” ability.

Throughout her travels in Asia, she is pursued by Dehuai, as he needs her for his Demon’s Gate Invocation ritual – a ritual which will turn the world into a living hell. He had been watching her ever since her arrival in China, and tries to trick her by possessing a puppy that she befriends. This is the first indication to Alice that Dehuai wants to kidnap her. In Shanghai it is revealed that his reason for wanting her is to use her as a magical catalyst for his Valorization.

Misfortune befalls her in Dalian where Alice is put under the curse of Li Li (once cursed, she will die by sunset). The curse is undone when the party defeats the Yamaraja demon in Dalian. Li Li cursed Alice because she was jealous of her voice. With the defeat of Li Li Alice is freed from the curse, and travels with the party.

When in Wuhan Temple Ruins, Alice is told by Xifa that if Dehuai had her, he would succeed in the Valorization. This being said, Dehuai manages to kidnap her while she is visiting Xifa.

While Alice is kidnapped by Dehuai, she is held in Kuihai Tower‘s laboratory – attached to Dehuai’s Spirit Machine. Although he wants to test her magical abilities, she continues to resist him.

To Unlock Kowloon Fortress

In order to unlock Kowloon Fortress the player controls Alice’s responses to Dehuai’s torture. She must prevent him from torturing her – and to do this, choose the first answer to every question. This will unlock Kowloon fortress.

In Kuihai Tower

When the party come to rescue, a great deal of Alice’s life energy has been drained, and she is close to death. However, the voice in Yuri’s head is able to transfer enough energy to Alice for her to live. This enables Alice to be able to fight against Dehuai on the top of Kuihai Tower.

When Yuri attempts to fuse with the Seraphic Radiance, Alice cries for him not to, but to no avail. Before escaping, she is able to save Yuri’s pendant.

After escaping from Shanghai, Alice asks Margarete to take her to Europe as she believes that Yuri is still alive. They travel together with Zhuzhen for 5 months before ending up in Prague.

During their travels, Alice and Zhuzhen have become “exorists for hire” where they combine their powers to help people get rid of demons and ghosts. They have been in Prague for a month and are approached by Terry – a shop keeper from Bistritz. He says that his village is being attacked by monsters and he needs some exorcists to come right away. Alice and Zhuzhen agree to investigate but to decide for Margerete to return – as she is currently in Rouen, France. However, Terry is killed that night by monsters that followed him from Bistriz, so Alice and Zhuzhen decide to travel as soon as possible.

In Bistritz, Alice and Zhuzhen speak to Terry’s widow and his daughter, and Nina to find out more information about what is happening. They learn that a great many people in the town do not trust the Mayor, Kevin and that lights had recently turned on at the nearby Blue Castle. They go to Kevin’s house and Alice claims that it feels evil, but Zhuzhen thinks that they shouldn’t jump to any conclusions, and they decide to investigate the castle instead.

At Blue Castle, Alice is able to feel the presence of someone who cannot be seen. After exploring for some time, it is revealed that they had been stalked by the owner of the castle – Keith Valentine. Alice and Zhuzhen ask Keith about the monster attacks on Bistriz and Keith insists that he has nothing to do with it – he is a vampire and has been asleep for the past 200-300 years. He only awakened due to a demon moving into his tower. He is fond of Bistritz and asks to come along so he can help settle the matter. Alice and Zhuzhen agree.

Back in Bistritz, Michelle has been kidnapped by Mayor Kevin. It is revealed that Kevin has been summoning the monsters. Alice, Zhuzhen and Keith battle Kevin in an attempt to save Michelle. When Kevin dies, the village is free from the monsters.

Having proved their skills in battle, Keith asks Alice and Zhuzhen to assist him in exorcising the demon in his tower – as it is very powerful and he cannot do it alone. Alice and Zhuzhen agree. They find out that the demon living in Blue Castle’s tower is in fact Yuri, but no in his right mind. He attacks them and Alice falls unconscious.

While unconscious, Alice visits The Graveyard in Yuri’s mind. She speaks to The Four Masks who explain to her about what the Graveyard is. They tell her that Yuri is seeking a release from living, and is becoming close to ending his life. Alice protests that Yuri is too strong for that, and she will do anything to save his life because she has come to love him. The masks tell her that the only way for him to live now is for her to sacrifice her own life and soul. Alice agrees and they give her access to the deeper recesses of Yuri’s mind.

Alice finds Yuri stood on a hill, beneath a tree, digging his own grave. She begs him to stop, but he is convinced that Alice is his mother and he is a child again, helping his father in the fields.

At this time, Fox Face appears. Alice accuses him of putting Yuri under a spell. However it is revealed that Fox Face is not an entity in his own right – he is an embodiment of Yuri’s weakness. Fox Face attacks Alice and this causes Yuri to stop digging and defend her. She tries to tell him that he needs to accept Fox Face as himself and he has to fight back. Yuri fights, and wins – Fox Face disappears forever.

Yuri apologises to Alice for bringing her here and for all that she has had to witness while in the Graveyard. She is happy that he is able to accept Fox Face as himself – as it is important to be able to admit that you have weaknesses, yet still keep going.

When Alice awakens in Blue Castle, she returns Yuri’s pendant to him.

Alice returns to Prague with Yuri, Zhuzhen and Keith. Speaking with the innkeeper they learn that Margarete did return but then left again to go back to Rouen. The idea of going to Rouen makes Alice anxious. Alice notices that one of the local girls – Yuria – has disappeared into the bathroom for a long time and has not come out. Alice goes into the bathroom to see if she is okay.

In the bathroom, Alice enters the stalls and cannot find Yuria. As Alice is about to leave, she sees something move in the mirror but dismisses it. Alice decides to check the stalls once more and when she comes out she has turned into the Old Woman that she saw before. She checks her reflection in the mirror and the Old Woman – now in Alice’s body is stood beside her. The Old Woman tells Alice that she would like to keep her younger body and attacks her. Alice is able to defeat her, and it is revealed that the Old Woman had been possessing Yuria.

After the battle, Yuri enters the bathroom to see if Alice is okay. He finds Yuria on the floor and Alice face to face with the Old Woman who reveals herself to be Arcane Olga. Olga disappears and Yuri helps both Alice and Yuria to the main room ofJ the inn.

The party agree that they must take a carriage to Rouen. When they arrive in Rouen, Alice is very uneasy – this is only picked up by Keith. When the party check into the inn, it is the same inn that Alice stayed at with her father when the night he was killed. The innkeeper recognises her and offers his condolences although he is surprised and glad that Alice is alive.

Alice takes a bedroom alone where the men share another together. After checking in she decides to try and find Father Doyle – an old friend of her fathers who would know who it was her father was trying to meet on the night he was killed. Unable to get in through the front entrance of the church, she walks to the back entrance – this is the spot where Alice’s father was killed just over six months ago. Overcome by emotion she falls to her knees.

After a little while she is approached by Yuri who got worried and came to find her. She explains why she was out. While telling him the story of he father’s death, Albert Simon (who Alice and Yuri know as “Roger Bacon”) appears alongside Arcane Olga. Just as Yuri challenges them to battle, Margarete appears from the church roof and fights alongside them when Olga summons some monsters. Simon and Olga disappear with the warning that they will still be watching.

The three return to the inn, and Margarete explains what she has learned about Roger Bacon. She came to Rouen to discover who Father Elliot was due to meet on the night he was killed. Alice explains that all she knows is that they were trying to meet a connection of Father Doyle’s and he was a Warlock just as powerful as Bacon. The party decide to find Father Doyle and ask him personally. As soon as they leave for the church they hear Olga’s voice warning them to stay away from the church.

At the church, they find Father Doyle hysterical. He thinks that they are Roger Bacon come to kill him and that Alice is a spirit returned from the dead. Alice is able to convince him that she is alive and they would like some information about what happened the night her father was killed.

Father Doyle tells the story that before Alice was born 3 Holy Books were stolen from the Vatican and Alice’s Father and his friend Father James O’Flaherty were sent to retrieve them. When Alice was born they split up and searched Europe separately. Father Elliot knew that the books had been defiled by Roger Bacon, but he needed someone just as powerful as Bacon to help him retrieve them. He contacted Father Doyle who arranged for him to meet one Cardinal Albert Simon – another powerful warlock – in Rouen.

As Father Doyle is about to tell the party how to find Cardinal Simon, Arcane Olga appears and strikes Father Doyle with lightning. The party battle her and she disappears. Just before Father Doyle dies he is able to tell them that the Cardinal can be found in London. Alice accompanies the party to London, where she takes interest in the circumstances of the London Rats.

Yuri makes an effort to rescue Koudelka from the clutches of the man calling himself Roger Bacon but fails. However, Koudelak informs him that he is not really Roger Bacon. When back in London, Yuri mentions this to Alice, who suddenly remembers the day that her father died. She recalls that Father Doyle could not meet them that day because he was busy in the confessional.

This makes Alice wonder why he was spending so long there and she returns to Rouen alone to find out. Looking in the confessional, Alice finds some papers that Father Doyle had written and hidden within the confessional. Within them he declares that he is praying because he has sold Father Elliot and Alice out to Albert Simon – the man they were hoping to meet. It becomes clear that Albert Simon is in fact the man calling himself Roger Bacon, who stole the tomes from the Vatican.

Alice, upon leaving the confessional runs into Albert Simon himself. He acknowledges himself as pretending to be Roger Bacon, and says that he does not want to hurt Alice, he simply wants to talk. He brings her to the altar and explains that he no longer requires her magic, now that he has Koudelka within his grasp. She is going to service as the beacon to summon a God to earth to eradicate society. He explains that he wants to do it in the name of revenge of the upper classes always having power over the lower classes. We warns Alice that the next time he meets her it will be to kill her, and disappears.

Alice returns to London to report back to the party. They agree to go to Wales to seek out the man that Koudelka mentioned to Yuri and Halley. They venture to Nemeton Monastery where Alice finds the grave of her father’s friend – Father James O’Flaherty. The Monastery is nothing but ruins now. Alice and Yuri explore and are found by The True Roger Bacon who is able to show them how to find Albert Simon – underneath the monastery’s ruins.

Alice and the party are able to find Albert Simon as he is making ready to summon a God from space to cleanse the earth of humanity. She and Yuri do battle with him but only ensure there is enough energy to summon Neam (the beacon of the God) to Earth.

Alice returns to London with Yuri to visit Koudelka who is now recovering there. Koudelka thanks Alice for saving her, stating she must be very brave to have faced all of the horrors that she has had to face. Alice tells Koudelka that she couldn’t have done it on her own and it’s only because of the guidance of everyone. Koudelka knows of Alice’s curse and tells her to be strong and never give up.

Before teleporting to the Float, Alice has a dream where she meets the Four Masks again. Her time has come to give up her soul. The send her through the door in the Graveyard to meet the Executioner of Spirit Sacrifice. Through the door she meets Atman who will carry out the contract to collect her soul. He battles Alice and defeats her. Alice wakes up and Yuri asks her if she is okay – she tells him in was just a bad dream although she knows that it was not, her fate has been sealed.

Alice traverses the Float with the party, trying her best not to show that she is feeling weak. Alongside Yuri and the rest she is able to defeat Albert Simon and Meta-God, thus causing the world to be safe from harm.

Afterward, Alice asks Yuri to travel with her to Switzerland, to meet her mother. On the train to Zurich, Alice is consumed by the curse of the Four Masks and she sleeps for the last time in Yuri’s arms.

Speaking with Yuri at Nemeton Monastery

If Alice comes with Yuri and Zhuzhen to Nemeton Monastery after the Float has risen, she will speak with Yuri for a while. He will tell her about how his mother was killed by monsters when he was a child and it made him turn into a monster for the first time. His regret about not being able to save his mother means that he refuses to let Alice die. If he lets her die, he too will die.

Alice then tries to tell Yuri that she loves him but is interrupted by Zhuzhen who wants to show them that he has found the Book of Rituals.

The Dollhouse

If Alice returns to Prague after The Float has risen, she has the ability to speak with a man named Ewan who is looking for an exorcist. He tells her that his house is being haunted by a poltergeist and it needs removing.

Alice goes to the Dollhouse in search of the poltergeist. She learns that Ewan lived in the house with his sister Lillith, but now the house is abandoned. Alice goes down to a hidden room beneath the garden of the house. The room is decorated like a child’s bedroom, but it is torn up and “HELP ME!” is written all over the walls. She finds nobody there. As he turns to leave a voice calls to her. Alice turns and cannot find anybody, but the voice is coming from a doll that sits on top of a rocking horse.

Alice speaks to the doll – Laura. Laura tells her that she has been lonely, ever since Lillith died and Ewan stopped coming back. Laura asks Alice if she wants to be her new playmate and transforms into a monster to attack her. Alice is able to exorcise Laura and leave the house behind.

Alternate Ending

In the good ending of Shadow Hearts, Alice is able to survive the curse of the Four Masks as Yuri will rescue Alice from Atman. This occurs if the party are able to defeat the four masks before they take her soul and if Alice and Yuri both read every Graveyard before going to the Float. However this ending is not canon as Alice remains dead in Shadow Hearts: Covenant.

In Shadow Hearts Covenant

Shadow Hearts: Covenant Library Description

Heroine from the previous adventure. During the battle with Albert, she sacrificed herself to save her lover’s soul. Her cute exterior belies her strong will.

Although Alice is dead by the beginning of Shadow Hearts: Covenant, she still plays an important role. Yuri took her body to Zurich to bury her near her mother. Because she scarified her life, Yuri feels his life is no longer his to lead and is happy to stay in Domremy with Alice’s uncle Gepetto until he has a better idea of what to do with his life.

Yuri still sees visions of Alice, especially when he is in the Graveyard after retrieving the Émigré Manuscript, he realises that with it he has the power to bring her back from the dead.

Alice’s Weapons

In Shadow Hearts, Alice uses books, mostly tomes, to do damage to her enemies. Here is a list of the books that she uses in Shadow Hearts.

Weapon LevelBookLocationLibrary DescriptionBuySellImage
1Small BibleStarting BookIDK720360
2Tome of the Shooting StarZhaoyang Village, Fengtian, Smuggler’s Boat, DalianAncient book about a fabled continent that sank into the sea beneath a falling star. Lovingly transcribed from the original and very valuable.1420710
3Tome of the MoonTemple RuinsAncient Book of Magic encased in a Black Velvet cover. It is written with eligant calligraphy and embossed in gold leaf.30001500
4Tome of the SunBistritzAncient Book of Curse Removal and magic-blocking. Extremely difficult to read, but legends say if done so with a pure heart it can redeem an entire nation.60203010
5Ever-BibleRouenAncient, holy book, embedded with shining blue crystals. Necessary for performing an exorcism on a possessed woman.98004900
6Grand BibleNemeton MonasteryOnly the greatest of the holy leaders may possess this book of prophesy. The book itself carries great mystical power.174008700
7Holy Book of the MartyrsNemeton MonasteryHoly book stained with the blood of martyrs who labored for countless years in service against the fources of evil. Strong spiritual power.n/a15780
8Holy Book of FleshIDKIDKn/a21600
  • The Holy book of Martyrs can be found inside the Purple Chest in Nemeton Monastery
  • The Holy book of Flesh can be found in the Dollhouse
  • Alice’s Equipment

    In Shadow Hearts, Alice has some unique equipment that no other character can wear. Some of these are achieved through side-quests and some are bought or found.

    Alice’s Magic

    In Shadow Hearts Alice’s special ability is White Magic. Here is a list of her White Magic abilities, which she learns via level-up.

    White MagicLevel LearnedEffectMP CostLibrary Description
    CureStartCures one party member’s HP6Restores Target’s HP with a Holy Power
    Holy Edge7Adds Light Element to one party member’s physical attacks8Adds Light class to the target’s physical attacks
    Blessed Light11Light Class Magic Damage to enemies22Makes a Light Class Attack Blessed By the Gods
    Wish24Cures any abnormality except unconscious or berserk.15Cures target except unconscious, berserk.
    Gospel28Raises one party member’s Physical & Special Defense40Raises Target’s Phys and Special Defense Power
    Arc35Full HP healing on all members80Restores all allies’ HP fully with a soft light
    Resurrection41Revives a character with full HP65Brings a target back to life and fully restores HP
    Advent48Deals Heavy Light Damage to All Enemies120Summons a Guardian to Heavily Damage all Enemies


  • Alice is a Germanic name which means “nobel”. It was popularised by Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland from the 1860s.
  • Alice appears in her official art alongside many butterflies. In Japan, butterflies can be seen to represent the soul or death – fitting, given the role of Alice in Shadow Hearts.
  • The pendant she possess is able to ward off some evil spirits – this is similar to the function of the pendant found in Koudelka
  • Alice’s powers are never fully explained. She can use white magic, repel evil and having experience from being an exorcist allows her to identify whether someone has been forced to come back from the dead (as was the case with Li Li). Xifa refers to her as a prophet – though through the game she never shows any prophetic powers.
  • Alice shares her English voice actor with Lt. Col. Kawashima – Veronica Taylor is probably best known for her role as Ash Ketchum in Pokémon
  • As well as sharing a voice actor with Kawashima, Alice shares a voice actor with Ouka in Shadow Hearts: Covenant. This makes enough sense as Ouka was made in homage to Kawashima
  • Alice’s ultimate weapon “The Holy Book of Flesh” is said to be bound from human skin – this is a real process and it is known as Anthropodermic bibliopegy
  • Only one person in every 100 years is born with powers like Alice’s
  • Alice’s default name is “Girl in Danger”
  • In other games

    Alice makes an appearance in Chaos Wars – a Tactical Role-Playing game for the Playstation 2.

    Alice Elliot Chaos Wars

    Alice as she appears in Chaos Wars