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Victor is a boss enemy in Shadow Hearts: Covenant that appears in Petrograd. He is a servant of Rasputin and a member of Sapientes Gladio. His familiar is a Pendulum that he sent to chase Anastasia.
GamesShadow Hearts: Covenant
Vulnerable ToParalysis, P-ATK Down, P-DEF Down, S-Def Down, Evade Down

Library Description

Bishop and member of the secret society. Lacking the flashiness of Lenny or Veronica, he’s closer in the style of Rasputin. He can wield both swords and magic.

Boss Battle Strategy


  • Entrance
  • Magma
  • Seal

Victor battles you alongside his Pendulum familiar. You can save outside his boss room, and choose from your full party (exception of Kurando) for this battle.

The Pendulum can use Reverse Ring, so equip as many people with Pocket Watches as possible. As well as this, Victor can use Seal which disables you magic. The battle is possible, but harder without magic. Equipping a bell bracelet protects against this.

Victor is Fire Type and will use Fire Type magic, so Karin is good at resisting, as well as Gepetto (equipping Cornelia’s Fire Dancer outfit) or Yuri with a Fire Fusion. If you’re confident in your defense, you could use Cornelia in her Sassy Sailor costume to cast use Water Cast. Anastasia can gain Aqua Raise by using Snap on the Pendulum which is very useful against Victor. Water crests such as Focalor, Vepar, Andras, Balam and Ose can be useful.

Try to get rid of the Pendulum first, as it has less HP, Victor won’t attempt to buff it and means it’s easier for you to create combo moves as your turns will come closer together without chance of Victor hard hitting you. This can be a long battle, so come with Pure items to restore SP, or use characters with more SP.

Origin & Trivia

Victor is a name meaning “”conquerer””.