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Meursault is a boss monster in Shadow Hearts: Covenant that appears in the Wine Cellar, after being summoned by Veronica. It looks like a large frog with multiple limbs.

Meursault Shadow Hearts Covenant Boss
GamesShadow Hearts: Covenant
LocationWine Cellar
Vulnerable ToPetrify, P-ATK Down, P-DEF Down, Slow

Library Description

Demon that Veronica captured and made into her familiar. Although it loves any kind of alcohol, it has a special weakness for French Red Wine.

Known Attacks

Boss Battle Strategy

Meursault will be fought with four of Yuri, Karin, Gepetto, Blanca and Joachim immediately after Joachim’s battle with Veronica. Your party will have to be fully equipped before this battle.

Meursault can paralyse your characters, so equip Bhodi Bracelets where possible. They can be bought at Le Havre.

Meursault comes with two other monsters that will attempt to combo attack. Prevent combos by using Hard Hit attacks, as these will knock the other monsters away from Meursault. Deal with the smaller monsters first as they will also allow Meursault to buff itself.

As Meursault is Wind affinity, using Earth magic (via Cornelia‘s Little Mushroom costume if available or through crest magic).s effective. Use combo attacks where possible, put keep an eye on what it’ll do to your party’s SP, and if someone is hurt, a 2 or 3 person combo may be better, leaving 1 or 2 healers free. Joachim should be used primary for physical attacks but can heal himself with Drain Touch to allow other actions to be performed if required. Using Gepetto as a magic caster (especially for Earth magic) is advisable. Blanca makes a good support character and can cast Earth Edge on physical attackers such as Joachim, Yuri and Karin.

Origin & Trivia

Meursault is a location in France as well as a kind of wine.