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Grimlock is a boss monster in Shadow Hearts: Covenant that appears in Rhondda Mine, it caused an accident that killed a lot of miners. It looks like a large creature with a human face, a long torso, two arms, fleshy wings and long tendrils that make up the lower half if its body.
GamesShadow Hearts: Covenant
LocationRhondda Mine
Vulnerable ToP-ATK Down, S-Def Down, Slow, Evade Down

Library Description

Demon born from the collective negative energy of hundreds of coal miners who died tragically at young ages due to a mining accident.

Boss Battle Strategy


  • Gale
  • Slow
  • Heaven
  • Hell’s Eyes

For this battle you have the choice of four characters from Yuri, Karin, Gepetto, Blanca and Joachim.

Grimlock uses Gale which speeds him up and Slow on other characters, so having a magic crest equipped with Gale (such as Sallos, which you receive for defeating Meursault) can be useful if characters get slowed down.

Grimlock is Light type so weak to dark type moves. If Yuri has fused with Nox or Gepetto has Darkness Cast for Cornelia, or if any magic users can use Evil ray (Vassago Crest from defeating Arachne as well as Raum from the Wine Cellar contain this) they should be used. Be aware that will be vulnerable to both light attacks, as Grimlock uses both Light and Dark magic.

Combo where it is possible to have 2 or more people take a turn before Grimlock, but keep an eye on everyone’s SP. If someone’s SP is about to run out on the next turn, heal them before they take their turn. Heal HP if it gets below half for a character, but be aware that some of Grimlock’s spells can target more than one person.

Blanca and Gepetto are best to use as healers and buffers, although Gepetto should be used to cast magic where possible. Joachim and Karin should focus on physical attacks. Yuri should be used for physical attacks unless fused as Malakia where he can use Gale to buff other party member’s speed.

Origin & Trivia

Grimlock of often a monster that lives in dark places, and may not be able to see.