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Grail Gazer

Grail Gazer is a boss monster in Shadow Hearts: Covenant that appears in Nemeton Monastery. It was summoned from another dimension by Roger to act as a guard over the Émigré Manuscript along with two Star Gazers. It looks like a large purple squid-like creature with many eyes and two long tendrils.
Grail Gazer Shadow Hearts Covenant Boss Monster
GamesShadow Hearts: Covenant
Vulnerable ToP-ATK Down, S-ATK Down, Delay

Library Description

Fiendishly Intelligent sea monster that rules the space between ocean and sky. Although it appears to be here, it actually exists in another dimension.

Boss Battle Strategy


  • Hail Breeze
  • Icicle

The Grail Gazer is accompanied by two Star Gazers. You have the choice of four characters from Yuri, Karin, Gepetto, Blanca, Lucia and Joachim.

Eliminate the Star Gazers first as they can use instant death (equip users with Leonardo’s bears to prevent this) and combo with outher enemies (use Hard Hit to remove the combo). Because they are all water types, Karin’s physical attacks are advantageous, particularly at the end of a combo which maximises her damage output. If any party members have magic that can target more than one enemy at once, this should be used.

Ensure that combos are executed before the enemy has a turn, as the Grail Gazer can use magic that targets a circular area, making combo-ready groups an easy target.

Keep an eye on your party’s SP as combos can drain it quickly. Assign a healer for all stats.

Origin & Trivia

The opposite of the Star Gazer – someone who always looks down into their own glass (grail).