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Godhand is the transformed version of Lenny, a boss monster in Shadow Hearts: Covenant that appears in St. Marguerite Island. It like a large humanoid with a huge clawed right hand.
GamesShadow Hearts: Covenant
LocationSt. Marguerite Island
Vulnerable ToSlow

Library Description

Lenny after drawing upon the power of the ancient and legendary creature, Godhand, who was named for the nearly divine power in his massive hand.

Boss Battle Strategy


  • Petrify
  • Deadly Three

To fight Godhand you have the option of four characters from Yuri, Karin, Gepetto, Blanca, Joachim or .

Since Godhand can petrify you it is important to equip your party with Mirror Bracelets if possible. Since he is susceptible to Slow, equip a physical attacker with Delay 1 on their Judgment Ring. Godhand has very powerful physical attack, so equipping something with a magic crest that has Shield such as Aim or Zepar can help protect party members with less HP.

Godhand is an earth type enemy so is weak to wind type attacks such as Gale Spin, and Cornelia air cast. If it is possible, use 4 chain combos and combo magic on him.

When using combos be wary of party members’ SP. If it is too low, heal their SP. Try to keep at least two characters alive at once, as it is possible for Godhand to knock characters out in one hit.

Origin & Trivia

The God hand is a kind of powerful weapon.