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Gargoyle is a boss monster in Shadow Hearts: Covenant that appears in Apoina Tower. It looks like a large demon with large forearms, wings and vestigial legs.

Gargoyle Shadow Hearts Covenant Boss Monster
GamesShadow Hearts: Covenant
LocationApoina Tower
Vulnerable ToPoison, P-DEF Down, S-Def Down, Evade Down, HP Down

Library Description

Guardian of holy bones in Apoina Tower. Its body is composed of dozens of different types of beasts, making its appearance quite grotesque and unnerving.

Boss Battle Strategy

The Gargoyle is the first boss of Shadow Hearts: Covenant, and it is fought with only Karin and Nicolai. Karin should focus on physical attacks, and Nicolai should use Blessed Light to deal damage, however, reserve enough MP for Cure. Karin has fairly low SP, so use a Pure Leaf should it get low.

Known Attacks

Evil Ray.

Origin & Trivia

Gargoyles are grotesque demons carved out of stone, typically used as water spouts.