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Arachne is a boss monster in Shadow Hearts: Covenant that appears in Ardennes Forest. It looks like a large spider made form a hand. It was awoken from within Yuri during a trip to the Graveyard.

Arachne Shadow Hearts Covenant Boss Monster
GamesShadow Hearts: Covenant
LocationArdennes Forest
Vulnerable To, P-ATK Down, Slow, Evade Down,

Library Description

Woman who was turned into a spider as punishment by the Gods. Since its body is filled with poison, it has a rather short life span.

Boss Battle Strategy


  • Crag
  • Poison

You will fight Arachne with Yuri, Gepetto and Blanca.

Yuri and Blanca should be physical damage dealers (use combos if possible) and Gepetto should be equipped with crests to deal magical damage. Gepetto should be in charge of healing items – keep an eye on his and Blanca’s SP, make sure it doesn’t run out.

Party members may get poisoned – treat if HP/SP is high.

Origin & Trivia

Arachne was a weaver in Greek myth who got turned into a spider.