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Andre is a boss monster in Shadow Hearts: Covenant that appears in Manmariana Island. Andre is a a giant pink cat that Carla found as a kitten. She and Lucia feed their enemies to him, although sometimes he doesn’t recognise his owners and tried to eat them.
Andre Shadow Hearts Covenant Boss Monster
GamesShadow Hearts: Covenant
LocationManmariana Island
Vulnerable ToP-DEF Down, HP Down

Library Description

Carla’s pet cat that she bought as a young girl. She was told it wouldn’t get any bigger but forty years later it’s grown to its current freakish size.

Boss Battle Strategy


  • Fake Ring
  • Cash Steal
  • Flare

Andre’s attacks have the ability to affect your Judgment Ring so equip your primary healer with a pocket watch and bring Phoenix Tails. Phoenihx Tails have a wide hit area so a character with a damaged Judgment Ring can hit the area and be healed.

For this battle you have the choice of four characters from Yuri, Karin, Gepetto, Blanca and Joachim.

Andre is most vulnerable to Water type moves so using water spells such as Hail Beak (on crests such as Focalor and Vepar) or Cornelia‘s Water Cast (from her Sassy Sailor outfit) work well. If Yuri is using a fusion, Amnis has splash, but in this form he will be vulnerable to Flare. If this is a concern, Yuri can fuse into a fire fusion such as Karyl for extra defense and someone can use Aqua Edge (from Crocell or Forneus) on him to power up his physical attacks.

Combo were possible but be mindful of character’s SP and HP – healing these should be priority. If using Karin or Joachim as physical attackers, using Aqua Edge can boost their attack power. Gepetto and Blanca are best used as supporting characters.

Origin & Trivia

AndrĂ© is a French or Portuguese name meaning “warrior”.