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Yamaraja: Wind

The Wind Yamaraja is a boss monster in Shadow Hearts. It is encountered in Dalian, and must be defeated in order to rid the town of monsters. It appears as a large bipedal creautre with a human-esque body style. It has elongated arms that are made from bone and a neck similar to swan, also made from bone. It has a long tongue protruding from its head and wings, one of which appears to be broken. Wind: Yamaraja may also be fought as a enemy in the pit fights in Shanghai.

yamaraja wind shadow hearts
Games Shadow Hearts

Library Description

Ancient god of the sea wind. It protects the sea when sacred and brings bad luck when wicked. Travels through space at the speed of light.



Soul Drop

Fire Water Wind Earth Light Dark

Known Attacks


Boss Battle

In spite of the name, Yamaraja: Wind is an Earth type enemy. It is unlikely that you will have any Wind type moves are this stage in the game. However, it has very low special defense.

Zhuzhen should be used to deal special damage using Ogre Flamedance, and heal using Nourishing Potion.

To protect himself from Shockwave, Yuri should transform into Raging Tiger and heal with Moon Howl. He should use Flying Stones to deal damage.

Margarete should deal damage using Grenade.

In Pit Fights

If you encounter Yamaraja: Wind in the pit fights, you will find that he is still quite difficult, as he is a relatively recent boss monster. Since Yamaraja: Wind’s defense is so high, it is important to only use magic against him. Keep an eye on your SP and HP levels and heal as necessary.

Yuri may not need the added Earth protection, so using any of his fusion monsters magic spells is fine – however take note that Tornado will still take a lot of damage. Raging Tiger has added Earth defense as well as healing spells, but does less damage. Man Dragon has healing spells, and can do more damage than Raging Tiger, but also takes more damage (though not as much as Tornado).

Zhuzhen should use Life Sucker and Ogre Flamedance when his MP gets low.

Margarete should use Grenade as before.

Alice should use Blessed Light.