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Yamaraja: Earth

The Earth Yamaraja is a boss enemy in Shadow Hearts. It is the demon worshipped by the cat-demons that took over Zhaoyang Village after the Black Tortoise God has been displaced. It is depicted as a large humanoid creature with blue skin, wearing a crown and bearing a sceptre. Yamaraja: Earth reappears in the Pit Fights in Shanghai.

yamaraja earth shadow hearts
Games Shadow Hearts
LocationZhaoyang Village

Library Description

Ancient god of harvest. It protects the village when sacred, and brings bad luck when wicked. Its kicks are powerful.



Soul Drop

Fire Water Wind Earth Light Dark

Known Attacks

Flash Flood

Tight Ring

Boss Battle

In spite of the name, Yamaraja: Earth is a water type enemy. Because of this, Zhuzhen should be the primary damage dealer and use Ogre Flamedance to inflict fire damage.

Due to Zhuzhen being fire type, he will be vulnerable to Flash Flood. Alice should be use Cure to keep his health topped up.

If you want extra protection from the Water Type damage, Yuri should fuse into Man Dragon whose Rain Shower ability can also be used as a form of healing. If you have not got enough Water souls, they can be gained from defeating Canus enemies in this area. Raging Tiger would also be recommended for Moon Howl (another HP restoring move), although using Yuri normally as a secondary damage dealer works just as well.

Stock up on Phoenix Tails (these can be bought from the Lost Peddlar in this village) as this boss uses Tight Ring.

In Pit Fights

If you encountered Yamaraja: Earth in the Pit fights in Shanghai, he will be a lot easier as you should be level 25 or so. Attacking him with physical attacks should be enough to take him down, but if you’re using Zhuzhen or Alice, it’s better to use magic (particularly Zhuzhen’s fire magic).