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Soul Block

The Soul Block is a boss in Shadow Hearts – the first boss fought within The Float. It is a grey recolour of the Wind Yamaraja fought previously as a boss. Like Wind Yamaraja, Soul Block uses “Shockwave” as an attack

Soul Block Boss Shadow Hearts
Games Shadow Hearts
LocationThe Float

Library Description

Insane bird that flies through the wind of death. Its 5 claws sweep the prey off the ground at the speed of light.



Soul Drop

Fire Water Wind Earth Light Dark

Known Attacks

  • Shockwave
  • Pulse

Boss Battle Strategy Guide

Soul Block is an improved version of Yamaraja: Wind. It is now entirely immune to physical damage so can only be damaged with special attacks. For this reason, the best party members to use are Alice and ZhuzhenYuri must fuse otherwise he will not be able to hurt it. However, any party member may be brought to this battle.

Soul Block uses Shockwave and Pulse which will damage the entire party, and it will also attack single party members. For this reason it is good to have one character that has an all-party healing move such as Alice’s Arc is ideal for this. If Alice is not in the party Yuri should fuse into Sandalphon or Seraphic Radiance.

If Alice is in the party, she should heal the party with Arc after Shockwave or Pulse has been used, and use Cure if a party member is attacked. She should cast Advent if everyone has full health. Keep an eye on her MP & SP as these will deplete quickly.

If Yuri has the ability to fuse into Seraphic Radiance he should do so, and use For the Children if the party does not require healing and For Tomorrow if they do. If not, Amon or Czernobog are good for attacking with. If Alice is not in the party, Sandalphon has Revive. Watch out for Yuri’s MP as his spells cost a lot and his MP pool does not last very long. Heal him with a Mana Root or Extract if needed. Be careful not to allow Yuri to faint as he will de-fuse and will need a lot of Pure items in order to have enough SP to re-fuse.

If Zhuzhen is in the party, he should be mainly used for attacking purposes. Use his highest level magic, and keep an eye on his MP and SP.

If Margarete is in the party, she should use her highest level offensive secret weapon to deal damage. Keep an eye on her MP as it is quite low, as she is not often used for magical attacks. Her SP is also fairly low.

If Keith is in the party, use his highest level ritual to deal damge, using Blood Sucker to heal him if required. Keep an eye on his MP.

If Halley is in the party, use Black Hole as Soul Block is light type and it deals more damage. His SP is fairly low so make sure it does not deplete. Keep an eye on his MP so that he can always attack.