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Seraphim is an optional boss monster in Shadow Hearts located on the second run through the Ancient Ruins. Defeating Seraphim awards the player with Halley‘s ultimate weapon. It appears as a six-winged angel with no skin, wearing a religious robe. The face of the angel looks like many depictions of Jesus Christ.

Seraphim Boss Shadow Hearts
Games Shadow Hearts
LocationAncient Ruins

Library Description

Incubus that calls itself by an angel’s name and flies on the night of new moon with six beautiful wings. It eats the soul of girls while they’re dreaming.



Soul Drop

Fire Water Wind Earth Light Dark

Known Attacks

  • Divine Punishment

Boss Battle Strategy

Fighting Seraphim you will have Yuri and any other party members.

Divine Punishment is able to harm your entire party for significant amounts of damage. For this reason it would be best to have at least one member of the party that can heal all characters at once (Yuri as Seraphic Radiance or Sandalphon or Alice using Arc for example). If that is not possible, two characters will have to be dedicated to healing, with the third chipping in.

Seraphim’s regular attacks are also quite powerful, so any buffs to defense or special defense should be made at the beginning of the battle and re-applied if everyone is in good health.

All party members should be equipped with protection against petrification. This battle may be quite long so make sure to keep an eye on characters SP through the battle. If the character with the lowest SP was equipped with a large jug, this would help the time between healing.

Yuri’s MP should ideally take on a fusion that can heal so he can be used as a primary or secondary healer role. When party members are not in need of healing he should attack Seraphim physically.

If Alice is in the party she should be the primary healer. If she has a free turn she should damage Seraphim with Advent. If she has not learned Advent she should focus on casting Gospel as a protective buff or restoring a party member’s SP. Keep an eye on Alice’s MP as she will be casting spells most turns and it will deplete quickly.

If Zhuzhen is in the party he should combine his highest level offensive spells with item-based healing. Keep an eye on Zhuzhen’s MP as he will mostly be using spells and his MP will deplete quickly.

If Margarete is in the party she should concentrate on physical attacks. She should use item based healing and pure items to heal party member’s SP where required.

If Keith is in the party he should concentrate on physical attacks. However, if there are no characters with the ability to heal the whole party, Keith should use Blood Sucker to maintain his HP where possible.

If Halley is in the party, depending on the other members he may want to take an offensive role, a healing role or a mixture. He should focus on physical attacks where possible but also use healing where necessary.