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The Scapegoat is a Boss Monster in Koudelka and Shadow Hearts.

In Shadow Hearts

Scapegoat is the third boss fought in The Float and the last boss before the final two bosses. It appears as having a lower half formed of rib bones, with three “arms” growing out of the top. The ribcage opens to show the inner organs.

Scapegoat Boss Shadow Hearts
Games Shadow Hearts
LocationThe Float

Library Description

Concentration of evil from a castle with many secrets, It’s covered with the scent of a fruit that only grows in purgatory.



Soul Drop

Fire Water Wind Earth Light Dark

Known Attacks

  • Wind Fang
  • Death Touch
  • Slash
  • Lightning

Boss Battle Strategy

Scapegoat uses a variety of magical attacks as well as physical attacks. Deathtouch will put you into critical if it does not instantly kill you, so make sure to heal immediately after it. Scapegoat’s defense is much weaker than it’s special defence, so it is good to take a similar approach to how Hate is fought. Scapegoat must be fought with Yuri and two other party members.

Equip the party with Leonardo’s bears to prevent Instant Death from Death Touch.

Yuri should fuse into Seraphic Radiance if he has it. If not, choose Sandalphon if Alice is not in the party or Amon or Lobo if not. Both Seraphic Radiance and Sandalphon can use all party healing if necessary. Seraphic Radiance and Amon both have very strong attack power. Lobo can be used to exploit Scapegoat’s Earth weakness with Strike.

If Alice is in the party she should be used to heal with Arc, as well as to buff the party with Gospel. She should attack with Advent if she has a spare turn. Keep an eye on her SP and MP.

If Zhuzhen is in the paty he should use Corpse Arm, Fury Serpent or Flame of Fudo to deal damage to this enemy. He should be in charge of healing others (and his own) MP and SP.

If Margarete is in the party she should be used as a physical attacker. Have Keith use Earth Edge on her to improve her attack power. Keep an eye on her SP.

If Keith is in the party he should be used as a physical attacker, using Blood sucker whenever he requires healing.

If Halley is in the party, he should be used as a physical attacker. Have Keith use Earth Edge on him to increase his damage output on Scapegoat. Keep an eye on Halley’s SP.


The term “scapegoat” is used when the blame is shifted to someone on a lower level. A scapegoat is a sacrifice made in order to get out of a nasty situation.