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Orb Chaos

Orb Chaos is a Boss Monster in Shadow Hearts. It is the transformed form of Laura, the doll from the Dollhouse.It appears as a large orb of flesh with various arms growing out of it. It is topped by the top half of a baby.

orb chaos Boss Shadow Hearts
Games Shadow Hearts

Library Description

The root of all evil in the mansion with no order. It evokes old memories in people.



Soul Drop

Fire Water Wind Earth Light Dark

Known Attacks

  • Battle Cry
  • Iris
  • Expression
  • Release Magic
  • Sanctuary

Boss Battle Strategy

For the boss battle with Orb Chaos, you will have Yuri and Alice. The last character is optional. Keith or Margarete are probably the best options as they can deal heavier physical attacks than Halley or Zhuzhen.

Before beginning the battle, all characters should be equipped with Crucifixes or a combination of Zodiac Bracelets and Cosmic bracelets as Orb Chaos will frequently use “Expression” which causes status effects and damage to the whole party.

Orb Chaos will spend a lot of time buffing. Battle Cry increases attack, Iris increases evasion, Release Magic increases Special Attack and Sanctuary increases Special Defense. If you have a character that can combat these (such as Alice who can use Gospel to raise Special Defense & Defense if Orb Chaos has used Release Magic and Battle Cry) they should do so if no healing is required.

Yuri should fuse into Czernobog as this way his physical attacks can deal more damage and he can use Release Magic to buff party members and Revelation to deal heavy dark damage to Orb Chaos.

Alice should focus on healing. Arc is recommended as Expression deals damage to all party members. If required, use Wish to heal status effects and Resurrection to revive party members. Allocate any free turns to buffing or physically damaging Orb Chaos. Make sure to watch out for Alice’s SP as it will deplete quickly.

If using Zhuzhen he can use Life Sucker to deal a decent amount of damage. He should use Nourishing Potion when Orb Chaos physically attacks monsters.

If using Margarete she should concentrate on physical attacks. Pain Killer should be used for any status effects.

If using Keith he should concentrate on physical attacks, but use Blood Sucker if he has taken damage.

If using Halley, he should concentrate on physical attacks, using Healing to cure characters who are repeatedly hit Orb Chaos’ physical attacks.


Orb Chaos Debuff

Orb Chaos being debuffed

Orb Chaos Attack

Orb Chaos Attacking

Orb Chaos Expression

Orb Chaos using Expression

Orb Chaos Battle Shadow Hearts

Orb Chaos using magic


Chaos is a term that often appears in mythology. It is often the state of the world before there was matter and organisation.