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Meta-God is the final boss of Shadow Hearts. It is summoned to Earth by Albert Simon in an attempt to cleanse the world of humanity. It is an alien from the M72 Nebula 4.8 M Lightyears away, attracted to earth by The Float.

It appears as an other-worldly being, with four wings and two tentacle-like appendages protruding from its head.

Meta God Shadow Hearts
Games Shadow Hearts
LocationThe Float



Soul Drop

Fire Water Wind Earth Light Dark

Known Attacks

  • Time of Judgement
  • Light of Deprivation
  • Scarlet Abyss
  • Black Abyss
  • White Abyss
  • Verdant Abyss
  • Nine Springs

Shadow Hearts: Final Boss Strategy Guide

NOTE: Before fighting Meta-God, you you have to battle Messiah. You can change party members, but not their equipment. Make sure you are properly equipped for both battles. The best equip would be: best possible weapon, best possible armour, crucifix (if you do not have three, you will have at least one from the Scapegoat battle and it should go on a character with the ability to heal Status Effects), Will Power and Pocket Watch.

Meta-God must be fought with Yuri and two other party members. This battle is easiest with Alice and Keith in the party.

This is the final boss of Shadow Hearts, so now is time to use up all the items you have been saving! Using a Silver Hand will mean that you will never miss – using these in conjunction with other items such as Seventh Keys to allow 7 attacks, Moon Swallows to make all attacks critical Monkey Paws to triple attack power.

There is no point in using spells to buff a character’s attributes in this battle as Meta-God will use Light of Deprivation to null all status changes.

Meta-God has a range of attacks, many of which cause status effects and Judgment Ring effects. Hence why it is crucial to have at least one crucifix equipped on a character with status healing moves. It is important to heal as much as possible during this battle.

Yuri should fuse into Seraphic Radiance if he has it. If not, choose Sandalphon. Both have all-party healing moves. Yuri should mostly concentrate on attacking physically if he does not need to heal.

If Alice is in the party she should be the one equipped with the Crucifix as her healing will be very valuable to the party. She should be used to heal with Arc as well as using Wish to cure status abnormalities. She should attack with Advent if she has a spare turn. Keep an eye on her SP and MP.

If Zhuzhen is in the party he should use his best magic to deal damage to this enemy. He should be in charge of healing others (and his own) MP and SP, as well as using items to heal status effects.

If Margarete is in the party she should be used as a physical attacker. Margarete can also use Pain Killer to heal any status effects. Keep an eye on her SP.

If Keith is in the party he should be used as a physical attacker, but he should use Apsaras if anyone gets a status abnormality – as this will damage Messiah and heal the status effect. He should be equipped with a crucifix if possible.

If Halley is in the party, he should be used as a physical attacker, and use items to heal any status effects or SP.


The God portrayed in Shadow Hearts does not align with any one region’s notion of God. Meta is a term used which means “thinking in abstract” – so it would be correct to assume that this is an abstract version of God.

In an issue of Axis Powers Hetalia, is is mentioned that Russia has a God that lives 50M Lightyears from Earth. However, no other literature supports this. It is possible that Axis Powers Hetalia is making a reference to Shadow Hearts.