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Mammon is a boss monster that appears in the Orphanage in Shadow Hearts once Jack‘s Mother has been transformed. It is very similar looking to the final boss of Koudelka after Elaine transforms fully. Mammon is a a large white insectoid with a female figure coming out of the midsection.

Mammon Boss Shadow Hearts
Games Shadow Hearts

Library Description

Jack’s beloved mother. She has been revived by her son’s experiment, but she is a different being now. A victim of “The sickle of Life”.



Soul Drop

Fire Water Wind Earth Light Dark

Known Attacks


Boss Battle Strategy

Mammon is fought immediately after fighting Jack, so the player cannot change party members or equipments when going to fight Mammon.

Since Mammon has Petrification players must be equipped with Zodiac bracelets to avoid being petrified. These are found in the Orphange, Prague and Kowloon Fortress (the player can no longer travel back to Kowloon, so if missing a 3rd Zodiac bracelet, stock up on Imp’s Fangs or Soul Benedictions).

The party for this battle will be and who will be accompanied by either Alice or Margarete. Alice makes this boss fight slightly easier than Margarate due to Alice’s healing abilities.

Mammon uses a combination of physical attacks and special attacks through this battle as well as Petrification.

Throughout the first half, Mammon will frequently attempt to petrify the party as well as use Shockwave which damages the entire party.

When Mammon’s health is getting low she will use Howling to restore a lot of health – the party shoudl concentrate on dealing a lot of deamage during this stage.

After using Howling she will use Needlerain which deals heavy damage to one character. For this reason I would suggest making sure all characters health is at 3/4 or above through the battle.

Since Mammon is Earth affinity it would be beneficial for Yuri to fuse into Icarus. This allows him to cause a lot of damage with Lightning, as well as giving him the ability to heal Petrification with Calm.

Halley should use Air Shot as his primary method of dealing heavy damage to Mammon. Keep an eye on Halley’s SP and use a Pure seed if it gets low. If Margarete is the in the party, Halley should be in charge of keeping the party’s health topped up.

If Margarete is in the party she can use Pain Killer to heal any petrification that may occur. She should focus on using physical attacks. She can be used as a secondary healer if Shockwave is used.

If Alice is in the party she should become the primary healer and Halley should be a backup if Shockwave is used. Keep an eye on Alice’s SP, using Pure seeds to keep it topped up. Towards the end of the fight (after Mammon has used Howling) Alice should use Blessed Light to deal damage in order to outweigh the healing being done.


Mammon is a demon in Christianity that represents Greed. This is also close to the French word “Maman” which is a term a child might call their mother such as “Mummy”.