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Cherubim is an optional boss monster in Shadow Hearts found in Cave Temple. Defeating Cherubim gives the player Zhuzhen‘s ultimate weapon. It appears as a four-headed, triple bodies creature with four wings and two arms. It appears to be wearing religious dress.

Cherubim Boss Shadow Hearts
Games Shadow Hearts
Locationcave Temple

Library Description

Malicious ghost that bears the same name as the angel of knowledge. It takes over children’s bodies and devours them slowly. Tiny bells ring when it walks.



Soul Drop

Fire Water Wind Earth Light Dark

Known Attacks

  • Divine Punishment
  • !!!

Boss Battle Strategy

Fighting Cherubim you will be using Yuri and any other party members.

This battle is easiest if you have one healer and two physical attackers – as only physical attacks can harm Cherubim.

Cherubim has two all-party magical attacks: Divine Punishment, and !!! (which will put you into critical). Make sure to heal your party after either attack is used. Cherbum also uses physical attacks which can deal a lot of damage to a weaker party member.

Yuri’s fusion will depend on whether he is functioning as a healer or an attacker. Seraphic Radiance or Amon should be used if he has fused with it. Sandalphon should be used if Yuri is the primary healer. Lobo should be chosen if he is a primary attacker.

If Alice is in the party, she should be the primary healer. Make sure to keep an eye on her SP and to use a Pure Root if it is getting low. If she has a spare turn, heal her MP or SP. If Alice is in the party, Yuri can be used the primary physical attacker.

If Zhuzhen is in the party, he should concentrate on healing characters with items and Nourishing Potion. However his magic isn’t enough for him to be a primary healer. He should attack Cherubim physically whenever he has the chance. Like Alice, be aware of his MP & SP.

If Margarete is in the party she should use nearly every turn to attack physically, only changing tactic when her SP is low to heal herself.

If Keith is in the party, his role will be similar to Margarete’s – physical attacker.

If Halley is in the party, his role would be similar to Zhuzhen’s – secondary healer and secondary attacker – using Healing where necessary and attacking when given a chance.

Party members should be equipped with protection against petrification. Physical attackers should wear something to increase their ATK, where healers should wear something to increase their MP. Characters with low SP should equip the huge jug.