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Beast Dog

The Beast Dog is a Boss Monster in Shadow Hearts. It appears in Fengtian once it has been revealed that the puppy that Alice calls “Tiny” is actually under the control of Dehuai. The puppy then transforms into a large, striped wolf-like creature with several horns growing out of its head. Beast Dog is fought again in the Shanghai pit fights.

beast dog shadow hearts
Games Shadow Hearts

Library Description

Fierce dog under the spell of a warlock. It only lives to rip apart and devour its prey. A beast with sharp fangs and strong attacks.



Soul Drop

Fire Water Wind Earth Light Dark

Known Attacks

Breath of Fire

Fighting Spirit

Boss Battle

Since the Beast Dog is of Fire Type affinity, Yuri can either transform into Man Dragon to deal high Water damage with flash Flood at the expensive of taking more damage from Breath of Fire, or Inferno to take less damage from Breath of Fire and deal less damage. Combined with Margarete using Water Edge, the latter is a powerful combo.

If you do not have enough water souls, you can battle more Mutant Frogs or for more Fire Souls, Fire Bats – both are present in the Fengtian Sewers.

Margarete can be used as a damage dealer, and to add Water status to both Yuri and Alice‘s attacks.

Due to the Beast Dog having Fighting Spirit, Alice should be using cure for the majority of the battle.

In Pit Fights

If you encounter Beast Dog in the Pit Fights, he will be a lot easier due to your level having considerably increased. It should be easy for Yuri or Margarete to battle him using physical moves. Zhuzhen and Alice should still use magic attacks (with the exception of Ogre Flamedance which is fire type).


Beast Dog Breath of Fire Shadow Hearts

Beast Dog using Breath of Fire

Beast Dog Breath of Fire Shadow Hearts

Beast Dog using Fighting Spirit


Horned wolf-like creatures have often appeared in myth. These beings are known as Calopus or Chatloup.