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Atman is a boss monster in Shadow Hearts that is encountered in The Graveyard. There are two potential battles with Atman. One occurs on the route to the Bad Ending and the other occurs on the route to the Good Ending. Atman is a disc-shaped head that has many eyes.

Atman resides within the Depths of the Evil Dimension within Yuri‘s soul. Atman is the Executioner of Spirit Sacrifice and he works in tandem with Four Masks whenever soul contracts are made. The Four Masks make contracts with the holders of souls – in this case, Alice agrees to sacrifice her soul in exchange for Yuri. When the time comes for her to fulfil her contract, the Four Masks send her to Atman.

When Atman meets Alice, he speaks to her about her sacrifice. He relays to her that she is alone now – and asks if she regrets dying for Yuri. She states that she does not regret it. Atman tells her he is looking forward to consuming her soul, and attacks her, bringing her painful memories in her last moments.

Good Ending

If the player gets the Good Ending, Yuri appears just before Atman is about to battle Alice. Atman is disgruntled with Yuri trying to meddle with an ancient form of contract, but Yuri is persistent that Atman will not take Alice’s soul. Atman does battle with them both, hoping to take both souls. However, Yuri and Alice are able to defeat him and the grave with Alice’s name on it changes to have Atman’s name on it.

Games Shadow Hearts

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Soul Drop

Fire Water Wind Earth Light Dark

Known Attacks

Status Ailment
Shock Barrage
Dragon Cry

Boss Battle Strategy

There are two versions of this boss battle. The first version is with Alice alone and it is unwinnable.

The second version of the battle takes place with both Yuri and Alice. Atman will use a variety of spells, so there is no preferred form for Yuri to take – ideally a form with healing abilities. Sandalphone is a good choice as it can use Revive to heal and Pulse to attack. If possible, make sure both Yuri and Alice are equipped with Crucifixes or Cosmic and Zodiac Bracelets to prevent status abnormalities from occurring.

Yuri should be used as the main damage dealer and Alice should be used for healing. Keep an eye on Alice’s SP, and make sure to use Pure items if it gets low. If both parties are injured badly, they can both be used to heal. If both parties are at full health, Alice can attack with Blessed Light or used Gospel to raise Defense and Special Defense.

After this battle, Atman drops the Moonstone Ring.


Atman is a reference to a concept within Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism that represents the ultimate version of yourself or your soul.