11/8/12 Update

Hi all. Sorry I’ve been really lacking in my Judgement Ring duties recently.

OK, I’ve now got a template for the Mosnter pages sorted. You can see one here.

The pictures are horrible at present so I’ll ask someone about how best to get rid of the horrible gradient that’s in the background. It looks a little like a child has had a go at cutting out shapes with scissors at the minute.

The Description/Origins are done for all the Asia Section Monsters, but they’re not on the site yet (I’ll get the images done first).

I’ll probably have a look at labelling the European monsters tomorrow.

Thanks for your patience, guys.

Updates 14/5/12

Hi Shadow Hearts fans,

Just so you don’t think the site is dead, I’m doing an update.

Basically, I’m currently putting together the database of all the Shadow Hearts monsters. This is a very long manual process, so be patient.

When I get my capture card working, I’ll play the game and update the character pages.

Thanks guys.


Judgement Ring has a Twitter!


Hey Twitter users, you can now connect with this website on Twitter!

Follow me here: @Judgement_Ring

Sure the website is nowhere near finished, but I can update how things go and people are more likely to check there than this blog, right?

Updates: 16/4/12

Ok, all the Shadow Hearts characters now have the descriptions that they have in the library of the game. I’ll probably move on to creating some Monster pages next.

I’m really sorry about lack of content – I was trying to put together a lot of screenshots and videos by my capture card is acting strange so I’ll wait until it works a little better.

Until next time!

28/03/2012 Updates

Hi all,

I’ve been away for a while but I’m starting to get this character pages sorted.

Basically, I made a nice pretty layout on the Shadow Hearts Characters page and hooray!

Now I’m getting started on making the layouts for all the other character pages and have begun to add the descriptions that are in the ‘Library’ of the game as well as each character’s affinity (Light, Dark, etc).

Will keep you updated as a I go.


15/3/12 Updates

Hi Gang,

I’ve started to add the character nvaigation. WordPress is pretty shit about adding captions with links in, so it’s taking longer than I thought.

Once this is done I’ll actually get to work on the content for the pages.

See you soon.


Updates 13/3/12

Hi all,

First blog post – so I thought I’d just update with what’s going on with the site. Thus far I have:

Built all character pages
Taken all Shadow Hearts characters/monsters/bosses 3D renders (and some items)
Cleaned up all the character renders
Begun to add the first 3D render to the character pages

It’s a long road, but I’ll get actual info up here at some stage. I plan to do the Shadow Hearts characters first, then go game by game, and then move on to monsters and bosses and finally onto items and locations.