11-4-13 Updated

Soundtrack has now been added! You can listen to the Shadow Hearts Soundtrack here. I’m adding the other ones soon.

Update 2-4-13

Hi guys,

Worked on the site a little bit yesterday. Yuri’s page, Alice’s Page, Zhuzhen’s Page and Margarete’s Page all now have some kind of information on them. It’s not complete – but I’m busy typing up the info and gathering screenshots in order to make them complete.


Hope you had a nice Easter.

Update 24-3-12

Hi guys

The most recent update is that I’ve been working on the items now. You can see the updated battle items from Shadow Hearts here. You can click the pictures to make them bigger :)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Or should that be “Valentines’ Day”?

I know the site still doesn’t have loads on it, but thought I’d give you guys a reminder that we’re still here! Updates coming!

Keith Valentine

Joachim Valentine Grand Papillion

Hilda Valentine

28-12-12 Update

I’ve finally gotten around to completing a character page and hopefully setting up the template for other character pages.

Check out Li Li’s character page if you want to see a character page.

Thanks for waiting!


Hi folks, We are now into darkest November, so I have started to create some locations pages and also add in some galleries.

The first one I’ve done is the Trans-Siberian Express page.

Can you let me know what you think of the gallery – does it make sense how to use it? I want to give you guys the best user experience possible. Or would you prefer just static images scattered down the page?

Update 30/10/12

Hi Judgement Ring-ers!

We now have improved search functionality (that is, you can search for Li Li and actually find her page, where before it was a pain because of the way WordPress does searches) – this is mega exciting because it means that Judgement Ring is easier for you to use now.

I’m also, finally, getting around to putting pictures of monsters in.

Don’t worry, I still love you!


Update 11/10/12

Hi guys,

Just to let you know, I’m in the process of playing the First Game again and getting screenshots. This way there may finally be pictures on the site! And a bit more content instead of empty character pages.



Update 21/9/12

OK, I’ve now moved on to adding Yuri’s Fusion Monsters into the database. Everything is ready except the pictures. You can see the first one if you go into the Monsters>Fusion Monsters in the menu.

Update 19/9/12

Hi all – you will be happy to know that all the monsters from Shadow Hearts have finally been uploaded to the site. They don’t all have pictures yet, but I’ll get there. I’m missing some of the optional ones, but I’ll get them to you whenever I have them.