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Judgement Ring is now mobile friendly! Check us out on your phone or tablet!

Judgement Ring is now social!

Hi you lot!

I have now launched Judgement Ring on several social media channels – I will update spordically with quotes and random pictures and just things that pop into my head. All Shadow Hearts related of course. So if you want to like, follow or add Judgement Ring to your circles you can now do so:

Judgement Ring on Twitter – @Judgement_Ring
Judgement Ring on Facebook: Shadow Hearts Judgement Ring
Judgement Ring on Google+: +Judgement-Ring
Judgement Ring on Tumblr: Judgement-Ring


Happy Valentine’s Day 2015!

Drew a picture for you guys :)


24-1-15 Update: Script errors

Hi guys,

Just a quick update regarding errors within the Shadow Hearts script. Sometimes (either because of poor translation or a writer going ‘DERP’) there are errors within the script of Shadow Hearts that contradict that actual facts of the story. For example, Yuri says multiple times that Koudelka is dead/has died when she has been kidnapped, or Roger referring to the events of Koudelka being 10 years prior to the events of Shadow Hearts when they are 14 years apart. If I spot an error I will ignore it and refer to the actual event that makes sense.

Hope you understand!


Update: 4-1-15

Hi guys,

Quick update – I finally have a working copy of Shadow Hearts and am able to actually continue updating the site! Bear With!


Important Judg(e)ment Ring Update: 10-12-14

Hi guys!

Don’t worry, I’m still working on the site. It’s paused at the minute because my copy of Shadow HeartsĀ is buggered so need to find a new one to screenshot.

However, this is not the important thing.

I’m from the UK and literally only just realised that in US English there is a difference in how we spell the word “Judgement”

UK = Judgement (with an “e”)

US = Judgment (without an “e”)

And of course… in Shadow Hearts… it’s spelt the American way!

So, everytime I’ve referred to the main game mechanic… I’ve been spelling it wrong, but have been totally blind to it because my spellchecker is in UK English.

I will go through all references to “Judgement Ring” and change them to “Judgment”

However, the name of the site will retain the British spelling. Hopefully that doesn’t cause too much confusion.

I’ll just leave this picture here as way of apology.

Albert Simon injured Shadow Hearts



Thanks for your patience guys!


Update 5-10-14

Just to let you know that I’m still alive. I’ve been updating regularly whilst playing through Shadow Hearts to get all the info correct. My copy is dying, so might have to get a new one – don’t despair if it seems like updates aren’t as frequent as you’d like!

All Soundtracks now live 12/5/13

All the Shadow Hearts Soundtracks have now been uploaded onto the site! Please check the shiny new Media page!

Update 5-5-13

Happy Cinco De Mayo!

I’ve been doing some site maintenance today – adding in a little more info where there was none, most notably a page on The Japanese Army. Hooray!

28-4-14 Update

And the Shadow Hearts: Covenant soundtrack has been added! Listen away!