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Let’s Play Koudelka by iconoclast187

Hi all, long time no blog. Got an email (thanks Kassandra!) saying that there’s a new Let’s Play Koudelka on YouTube by iconoclast187. Give it a watch! I have almost no Koudelka content on this website – I’m still working through Shadow Hearts 2. I had a lot of computer problems recently so getting content …

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Video Games Live: Level 5 Album featuring songs composed by Yasunori Mitsuda

Hi Shadow Hearts fans! Here’s a piece of news for anyone who is a fan of the Shadow Hearts Soundtracks and Yasunori Mitsuda. Our friends over at Video Games Live recently completed a Kickstarter for their 5th album, and it includes songs from Chrono Cross and Xenoblade, both of which Mitsuda helped compose. See the …

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Update: 18-10-15

Hi guys, quick update – just to say I’ll be moving onto the Shadow Hearts: Covenant part of the site now. Shadow Hearts is 99% done, I just need a few more screenshots and stats, but the bulk is there. First thing I’ll be doing is getting all the stats for the monsters and then …

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Koudelka Composer to join Pixel Noir team

Hi guys, bit of a random news story for you today: Hiroki Kikuta who composed the Koudelka Soundtrack has joined the team for a a new WIP Indie Game Pixel Noir. It is currently being kickstarted over here. He will be working with their current composer Kunal Majmudar to write some songs for the soundtrack. …

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New Mobile Theme

Hi guys, Quick update – we have a new mobile theme as there were a lot of issues with the old one (such as it forced the mobile site onto desktops and the menu was hard to use). There are still a few issues but I’ll get to them when I can! Emma

23/08/15 Update – Site Review & Format Update

Hi guys, 99% of the info for the First Game should be up now (exciting!). Bear with me – I’m currently reviewing every single page on the site to check what info needs updating, what images need adding and all that jazz. I’m also improving the look of some pages. Thanks, Emma

We have a sticky nav now!

Sounds dodgy. But if you scroll down (on Desktop at least) the navigation should be sticky – wayhey! Have a nice weekend, Emma

Added ability to donate

Hi guys, quick one – you might notice that there’s a “donate” button in the footer and the header. If you want to donate via paypal please do as it helps keep Judgement Ring ad free. Thanks, Emma

Mobile Audio Works!

Hi Guys, I realised recently that the old audio players were flash based and didn’t work on most mobiles. I’ve upgraded The Shadow Hearts Arranged Soundtrack to HTML5 so now it works on mobile as well as desktop. I apologise if it looks a little ugly – I’m just concentrating on getting it working. I …

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Search Box is now powered up!

Hi all – after a little while of having a look for ways to improve the search… tada! The search box should now give you suggestions as you type :D It’s amazing!