Welcome to Judgement Ring – The Ultimate Shadow Hearts and Koudelka Resource

Judgement Ring – The Ultimate Shadow Hearts and Koudelka Resource

Welcome to Judgement Ring. One day this will become the ultimate Shadow Hearts and Koudelka resource.

What I plan to have up here is all the details of the Shadow Hearts characters, monsters, bosses, locations, items, strategies and everything else you could ever want. I hope to include a Shadow Hearts walkthrough for each game.

Eventually there will be data on all of that as well as pictures. Be patient.

This Website Contains Unmarked spoilers for all games.

If you want to submit any pictures, screenshots, fanart, fanfiction news or rumours please e-mail me on emma [dot] barnes [at] protonmail [dot] com or tweet me @Judgement_Ring

For now, have a picture of Yuri and his glorious butt-pack.

Video Games Live: Level 5 Album featuring songs composed by Yasunori Mitsuda

Hi Shadow Hearts fans! Here’s a piece of news for anyone who is a fan of the Shadow Hearts Soundtracks and Yasunori Mitsuda. Our friends over at Video Games Live recently completed a Kickstarter for their 5th album, and it includes songs from Chrono Cross and Xenoblade, both of which Mitsuda helped compose. See the …

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Update: 18-10-15

Hi guys, quick update – just to say I’ll be moving onto the Shadow Hearts: Covenant part of the site now. Shadow Hearts is 99% done, I just need a few more screenshots and stats, but the bulk is there. First thing I’ll be doing is getting all the stats for the monsters and then …

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